Thanks to Ikea, $5 Byredo Candles Will Soon Exist

The two iconic brands joined together to explore what exactly "home" smells like.

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For anyone who considers a Byredo candle to be a major investment, a gift only for one of your best friends or a special occasion, good news is here. In a collaboration out November 1, Ikea and Byredo have created a new candle that you can buy with the same frivolity as a bodega sandwich. Dubbed the OSYNLIG collection (Swedish for "invisible," in true Ikea fashion), each candle will retail for $5-$25 depending on size, both in-stores and online.

Byredo's Ben Gorham worked with the global furniture retailer to create a collection conceived by one question: What does home smell like? Together, they landed on 13 uniquely scented candles, each designed to conjure up a varying slew of emotions and thoughts, like nostalgia, comfort, and hope for the future. In a time where those very emotions are constantly in flux amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this collection of thoughtfully designed candles democratizing high-end scent hits the highest mark.

“The way your home smells is very emotional and plays a huge part in how you feel being there," Gorham shared in a press release for the collaboration. "It isn’t just about things being functional and practical, it’s the place where you come together with family and friends and make memories.”

Ikea x Byredo

The candles themselves are all made with raw ingredients, each deliberately chosen to be connected with, and to heighten, your at-home experience. The offerings are split into three olfactory categories: fresh, including scents like pomegranate & amber and basil & mint; floral, with scents like lilac & amber and peach blossom & bamboo; and woody, which delivers scents like tobacco & honey and firewood & spice.

Each canister is glazed with a blend of two colors, reflective of the ingredients of the candle, and is designed with a triangle-shaped marking, making reference to how people understand and explain fragrance (think top notes, middle notes, and base notes). Once the candle burns down, the canisters are designed to be thoroughly cleaned and to then store small things around your home.

"Invisible design is that layer on top of functionality that completes the home, the intangible things like lighting, mood and atmosphere that enable you to have a really emotive, interesting environment if that’s what you want," James Futcher, Creative Leader at IKEA, shared of the thought behind the collection concept and name. "It’s this idea that made me think differently about my own home and the opportunity we had in developing OSYNLIG — it was never about making scented candles as much as it was about encouraging the many people to tap into memories, other abstract things, as they construct their own homes, and not just people who can afford to experiment with really great, expensive scents."

The Ikea x Byredo OSYNLIG collection arrives both in-stores and online at Ikea beginning November 1, starting at $5 for smaller sizes in select scents, $10 for the standard size, and $25 for a larger version, available in select scents.

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