Your June 2021 Horoscope Brings A Bumpy Road To Abundance

June’s astrology brings Cancer season, retrogrades, another eclipse, and plenty of catharsis.

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The month begins amid a crash, as Mercury retrograde rips Gemini season out of its usual giddy warp speed from May 29 through June 22. After blasting off into a new reality, as promised by vaccines and changing weather, comes the hard disappointment of the world we’ve landed in, and a dripping ambivalence familiar to all Geminis. We changed everything about ourselves to get here. Is this it?

You’ll have a chance to voice your disappointment — and just about everything else that’s been bottled up — with the “ring of fire” solar eclipse on June 10. As the moon blocks the Gemini sun’s manic rays, the twins’ notorious “dark side” emerges, awakening us to feelings, opinions, and channels of power that have long been occluded in shadow.

The Gemini duality comes to a head with the Saturn-Uranus square on June 14, an archetypal showdown over abundance versus scarcity, personal liberty and global responsibility, revolution and stasis. The players: Saturn, the governor and father; and Uranus, the rebel and revolutionary. The showdown of the two primal forces — order and change — will elucidate the ways we are dissatisfied with the world we’ve returned to: ceasefires to unending wars, an unchanged healthcare system in the wake of a pandemic, and, one year later, hollow promises of class and racial reform. Uranus and Saturn squared back in February, just in time for the GameStop coup, when the dissatisfaction over a new presidential term, with the same players in power, brought the dominant financial order to its knees. This next battle promises a similar cultural reckoning.

On an individual level, the extreme scarcity of the pandemic may have tapped us into a base root of power, and a core of values which we didn’t know we possessed. How does this integrate with the awakening world around us? Has our personal evolution made previously essential relationships obsolete? The inner reclamation of the last 18 months comes to a head with the expectations of a reorienting social order. This square makes glaring the ways we dissociate or settle for disappointment in our relationships, careers and networks, and may force us towards acts of final closure.

On June 20, the sun moves into Cancer, inviting us to invest in the old bonds and new tribes which resonate with our current incarnations, even if they don’t correspond to who we were in 2019. With Mercury finally going direct on June 22, and Mars and Venus entering Leo, clarity of drive and desire is finally restored. But with every surge of personal freedom comes a sacrifice, and a ripping away of dead layers. The abundance yielded at the end of so much catharsis is designed to be permanent: Let go of the outdated relationships and stagnant career expectations from your old life. You’ve endured a barrage of retrogrades, eclipses, and archetypal clashes to claim your freedom. Leave the old gang behind. Goodbye, Porpoise Spit!


At the advent of a new cycle of creative freedom, you’re due for a test, and a moment to find equilibrium. You’re still not ready to fully hold space for your emotional needs, and there’s a creeping awareness that the realization of a career and social ideal is somehow leaving much to be desired. If you can finally answer the calls from inside the house — especially in regards to requirements of inner safety, security, and stability, regardless of the plan — you’ll free up space for playfulness, experimentation, and a sense of achievement with a rooted personal foundation.


You’re in for yet another maelstrom — similar to February’s meltdown — which will blow down any weak edifices of belief, career, and destiny you’ve been clinging to. While the big-picture apocalypse plays out, focus your attention on the immediate and the tangible: your home, lovers, and means of inhabiting the body. Ensure that you feel seen, attended to, and appreciated. Examine how your family and relationship structure supports you during periods of personal revolution, so that you can come out of this metamorphosis with a more powerful base than before. This twister will pass: ensure you’re still standing to discover the treasures in the ruins.


In an about-face typical of your season, you are likely to experience a feeling of total expansion and clarity, followed by a severe door-slamming. With an eclipse in Gemini on June 10, and retrogrades in your domains of self-definition, spirituality and public roles, you should consider this to be a saga of reinvention, complete with necessary highs and lows. Between the peaks of awakening, allow for the inevitable sag into ambivalence, but don’t indulge the feeling that all personal progress up to this point has been illusory. The changes are real, but until the dust settles, you don’t need to make any imperative declarations. Stay out of your own way, and see where you end up.


With the sun in your home domain, and Mars and Venus soaking in Leo’s divine self-confidence, you’re ready for a satisfying summer season. To free yourself, you’ll find yourself making bold and often jagged declarations of individual desire. You’ll have to confront relationship dynamics which now feel like obligations, and face your own passive-aggressive behavior. Your lover is not your parent, and nobody is holding you captive. Revisit previous relationship roadblocks for a better understanding of how you struggle to get your needs across. This is an opportunity to try again.


With Venus and Mars rolling into the Lion’s domain, you’re finally feeling yourself again, awakening your desires and ambitions. But before you can launch your comeback tour, you’ll have to confront the gatekeepers in your life. Sift through the collaborators, friends, partners, and authority figures who you perceive to be in your way. Some people are still preaching a vision of who you were in 2019. Ditch them! Others, however, may have constructive criticism that will further your evolution. You may find yourself getting more incensed by the latter than the former. Or perhaps it’s the realization that nobody’s holding you back but you.


You’re giving too much, and unless you slow down and regroup, feelings of being underappreciated may bubble into apoplexy. Mercury’s retrograde in your career arena may slow down the recent surge, but it also gives you a chance to examine your life in tableau, to consider what you’re expressing and how it’s being received, and to do some necessary editing. Return to your core beliefs, your boundaries, and your limits, and then examine the relationships and career arenas where you may not be fully stating what’s up. Take this freeze to get your lovers and coworkers on board with how you need to be supported.


Before Venus enters Leo, and social climbing season can begin outright, some house cleaning is necessary. As Venus comes into a faceoff with Pluto, the destroyer, you’ll have to consider the relationships in your life: Which friendships, from your life before the pandemic, have risen like the unwelcome dead? Is your quarantine lover, so essential to enduring the last 18 months, someone you want to keep around? Whoever doesn’t see you, right now, likely needs to have their role downsized. Try not to hold onto dead weight; it’ll only get heavier as the months progress.


No one has stolen your voice. And there is no battle required to reclaim it. To gain access to your own power will require easing into it, something you’ve never particularly been fond of. To clear the blocks in your creative and spiritual channel, consider exploring your personal history: Going back through middle school and beyond, who made you feel like you didn’t belong? When did you adopt a distorted sense of yourself? Turn to your present relationships to fill in the cracks of your mirror. Count on the ones you trust to give you a full picture of who you really are.


The eclipse in Gemini, along with retrogrades of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, will initiate a descent, booting you from your fantastical kingdom to a fresh quotidian hell. You are being forced to address what is lacking in your day-to-day life, in the relationships and elements of home which ground you. This is an opportunity to awaken to your needs, and to make a life for yourself here on earth. In the liminal shadow of your ideal life, you may discover possibilities of sustenance, nourishment, accountability and love you hadn’t ever conceived of.


You’ve made tremendous gains recently in expanding your outward expression, risking a fear of exposure to share your gifts. But you’re still afraid of trusting others, and opening yourself up to an ambush. You’ve built the inner firmaments of your self-worth; now you have to test its strength once revealed. You are being challenged not to retreat inward, but to keep yourself in perspective, and to learn how to receive negative — and, god forbid, positive — feedback, without wanting to give up and walk away. Go slow on yourself. This is a critical release of control.


The sharp retrogrades of Mercury and Saturn may halt the creative surge you’ve been riding lately. Give yourself the summer, and some of the fall, to get clarity on what you want to share with the world. Focus for now not on your high-concept ambitions, but on the terms of your embodiment: how you are expressing yourself in the day-to-day, and who is being given access to you. Your north star may be occluded from vision; until the clouds part, train your eyesight for the ground level. There may be something worth noticing down here.


“I don’t know what I want, I know what I don’t want.” Has any statement rung truer for the sign of the two fish? It would be so much easier if you could identify your needs immediately, without having to throw yourself through the ringer, but what is Piscean evolution without an uphill swim? The recent flood of possibilities, though dazzling, has likely left you feeling enervated, and disinterested. This month will introduce a gauntlet of boundaries, in the domains of work and social life, which will tell you how much your body can give to others, and where your sense of obligation is exhausting you. Through limitation comes definition. See who emerges when you say no.

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