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Kristin Cavallari’s “Laguna Beach” Jewelry Collection Takes It Back To The Beginning

The latest drop from Uncommon James will take you right back to 2004.

They say you can’t go home again, but can you go back to Laguna Beach? Kristin Cavallari, the star of the seminal mid-aughts MTV reality TV show, is trying — at least, when it comes to her accessories.

Cavallari is taking inspiration from her high school years for her newest jewelry collection, the Back to Laguna collection, which is out via her jewelry brand Uncommon James now.

“We’re bringing back 2004 trends that are definitely not dunzo,” the website copy reads, with a button that says “let’s go back,” which if you’ve ever seen Laguna Beach you know is a reference to the show’s theme song, Hilary Duff’s “Come Clean.” Give this copywriter a raise!

The collection includes 2004 throwbacks like a long cord necklace, hot pink dangly earrings, and seashell anklets. (Maybe you can go home again.) Cavallari has been enjoying the collective Laguna Beach nostalgia for a minute now; her equal love and disdain for the show is expressed most regularly on her podcast Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen, which she hosts with former co-star and ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti, as they rewatch episodes for the first time in 18 years.

On a recent episode the co-stars unpacked what really happened on the show’s infamous Spring Break episode, an episode so historic, in fact, that it’s been credited with making Cabo into the spring break resort destination for which it’s now famous. In the episode Colletti calls Cavallari a “slut” for dancing on a table, which he apologized for on the podcast.

Like everything else good in this world, it’s been rumored that Laguna Beach could get a reboot. But at this point, it’s probably safe, at least from a reboot with the same cast, considering how everyone’s nearly in their forties now. But Cavallari did get the gang together in December at for the collection’s photoshoot, featuring everyone’s Laguna Beach favorites: Talan Torriero, Jason Wahler, Alex Murrel, Jessica Smith, Alex Hooser, and even Colletti. (To no one’s surprise, Lauren Conrad was not present.)

Watch Cavallari model some of the styles, below.