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5 Books That Will Teach You How To Manifest

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by Melissa Dahl
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Manifesting has become a trendy practice for dreaming big and shaping your mindset with the belief that anything is possible — well, almost — whatever you feel is attainable, as long as you have some faith and maximize your potential.

2022 has definitely led to a surge in spiritual practice, based on a desire for “magic” and change post-pandemic, as we remove negativity and channel positive energies instead. Plus, there have been some crazy and super rare phenomenons — like this nonretrograde period that’s currently happening and the appearance of angel number energy portals, as with 2222 and 22222.

Manifesting is a handy tool for releasing limiting thoughts, increasing happiness and good vibrations, and staying hopeful, and is particularly powerful when it’s a full moon or you’ve just seen angel numbers. It takes practice, though. Manifesting books can help, where you’ll get the hang of it easier. Check out these transformative guides and manifesting books and get started.

Manifesting With Alignment by Ryuu Shinohara

The higher your vibration, the more aligned you will be. And, the greater the frequency of the divine’s power and presence, the easier it will be to manifest. That is why people often use affirmations during manifesting rituals, since they can increase vibrations.

This book has seven great strategies for manifesting with increased alignment and higher, more prevalent vibrations to help you do so. This bestseller is a well-rounded guide that has all the right tools to make manifesting attainable and well within your control.