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Millie Bobby Brown Wants to Play Britney Spears In a Biopic

“I don’t know her, but when I look at pictures of her, I feel like I could tell her story in the right way and hers only.”

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If there is any trace of goodness in this world, we will have a Britney Spears biopic one day. The rise and fall and freedom of one of the world’s most beloved pop stars is a story about celebrity, women and mental health, paparazzi and child stars. It’s a story we deserve! A gaggle of actresses will surely be vying for the role — and it doesn’t hurt to lay your cards on the table early.

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The first celebrity to throw her hat in the ring is Millie Bobby Brown, who said on The Drew Barrymore Show that one of her biggest career goals is to play Britney Spears in a biopic — largely because she understands her experience of growing up in the spotlight.

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