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Whether you’re coming down from Coachella or just need a break from L.A., the Vanderpump Rules star shares her tips for unwinding in Palm Springs.

Interview by Nolan Feeney

Whether you’re unwinding from Coachella or just need an escape from L.A., the new issue of NYLON has the ultimate guide to a Palm Springs getaway, according to the insiders who know best — like drag mogul Trixie Mattel. Next up: Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, who knows a thing or two about clubs — both on and off the golf course.

There’s something about Palm Springs where, as soon as you see the windmills when you’re driving in, you can finally breathe. The elephant leaves my chest. You hear a lot of L.A. people say that, but it’s true. It feels very effortless. You don’t feel like you’re being watched and have to be on your A-game all the time. Two Christmases ago, my Vanderpump Rules costar Scheana Shay invited me to her home in Palm Springs. I loved the area. Her house was fantastic. She was 10 minutes away from downtown. When I left, I said, “If a house comes up for sale, please let me know.”

She called me a few months later: “You’ll never believe this, but the house literally next door to me just popped up for sale.” I drove down that exact same day and put an offer in, and now I spend pretty much every single weekend and holiday there.

I usually leave on a Thursday afternoon to get there in time for Palm Springs VillageFest, a street fair that they have every Thursday night downtown. They shut the street down, and there’s a ton of vendors. You can pop into the restaurants you like, local boutiques are set up. Palm Springs has amazing shops, but I have no shame: It is so worth making the 30-minute backtrack to the Desert Hills outlets in Cabazon. I’m talking Lululemon, Gucci, Balmain, Nike. There’s over 150 stores, and I have a field day. Some people get turned off by outlets — I’m kinda one of them — but my mom had me go once, and I was like, “This is a hidden gem no one would think to stop off because you’re in the middle of nowhere.”

Leaving my home to do anything in L.A. is such a production, so Palm Springs is where we venture out a little bit more. I always go to Birba. They have amazing flatbread, and I don’t drink, but I heard the cocktails are fabulous. I also just discovered this place called Boozehounds. You wouldn’t know by the way that it looks from the outside, but inside the food is five-star. You can bring your dog. I went for my birthday this year, and that’s definitely become a go-to. I love a place that’s like, “Come and be chic and bring your fur baby.”

“If you’re in Palm Springs, you have got to golf. That’s the perfect way to avoid the Sunday scaries.”

Palm Springs nightlife is popping, and there’s a huge gay community, so I feel right at home. If you go to the main street, Palm Canyon Drive, there’s a bunch of gay bars, and right off of it is my favorite, Chill Bar. In the back they play the most amazing music. I can stay until 2 a.m. and feel like I’ve got an epic buzz going. They’ll mix Britney Spears with 50 Cent into Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. I was like, “Who is this DJ? I want him to DJ my 2-year-old’s birthday party.”

For brunch the next day, you have to go to Wilma & Frieda’s. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. They have the best lattes and their baked goods are to die for. I get the cinnamon roll before I even properly order. Lulu California Bistro is fantastic as well — it’s always packed, but you will never be disappointed with the food.

Courtesy of Lulu California Bistro

If you are looking to come down from Coachella, I would venture into La Quinta. If you’re at Coachella, that’s going to be your area anyway. La Quinta Resort & Club has a fantastic spa. You may spend a pretty penny, but you will definitely feel revived after. If you’re extending your vacation, you must go see Joshua Tree, especially if you’re an out-of-towner. It’s stunning and it will absolutely reground you.

And then for me, if you’re in Palm Springs, you have got to golf. Escena Golf Club is super easy to play. It’s a public course, so you don’t feel like you have to be all bougie because you’re hungover after a music festival, and you can have lunch at the clubhouse. That’s the perfect way to avoid the Sunday scaries. If you allow yourself to sink into your hangover, the depression happens, and that’s bad for everybody. So get out and play a round with your homies — even if you suck.