Puma Releases Art Book Who’s Who: New York Local Edition
Edwin De La Rosa / Newco Studio Practice


Puma Releases Art Book Who’s Who: New York Local Edition

Helmed by streetwear legend Rob Cristofaro, the book is a time capsule for everything cool and creative happening in this city right now — and everyone is photographed in Clyde Frazier PUMAs.

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Depending on who you ask, Who’s Who in New York can mean a lot of different things. In a city overflowing with people doing creative work that is chronically underrated — it’s hard to keep track of it all. Nevertheless, a Who’s Who list is a time capsule, and now, PUMA and Newco Studio Practice, along with artist, ALIFE founder and streetwear icon Rob Cristofaro, is releasing a book to mark this moment in the city’s current creative scenes, particularly when it comes to fashion and music.

Out today, Who’s Who: New York Local Edition contains 276 pages chock full of 75 profiles to celebrate PUMA’s 75th anniversary as a company. Unlike most art books, this one is encased in a taxi-cab yellow shoebox and stamped like a late-edition newspaper — giving it a true time capsule quality.

“I’ve acted as a curator within New York’s creative community for over twenty years. We started ALIFE as an incubator for untapped talent in downtown NYC — but quickly evolved into a platform for creatives around the world,” Cristofaro said in a statement. “This book serves as a guide to contemporary talent, while honoring that same tenacious spirit we embodied twenty years ago.”

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In its pages you’ll read about icons like former New York Knicks player Walter “Clyde” Frazier; fashion designer Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day; KidSuper fashion designer (and upcoming Louis Vuitton collaborator) Colm Dillane; Real Housewife and fashion designer Leah McSweeney; jeweler to Macklemore, Lizzo, and Wu-Tang Clan Tommy Jewels; Lucien restaurateur Zachary Bahaj; Black In Fashion Council founder Sandrine Charles; musician Maluca Mala aka the Dominican Princess, and many more legends of streetwear, fashion, music, and art.

Tommy JewelsCourtesy of Newco Studio Practice®
Bradley CarboneCourtesy of Newco Studio Practice®
Tommy JewelsEdwin De La Rosa/Courtesy of Newco Studio Practice®
Kid SuperCourtesy of Newco Studio Practice®
Florencia GalarzaCourtesy of Newco Studio Practice®
Amandla BarakaWilliam Eadon/Newco Studio Practice®
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Frazier, in particular, gets a notable tribute in the book: Everyone profiled was photographed in PUMA’s “Clyde” sneaker, which Frazier asked PUMA to create a custom version of in 1973. It was the first signature shoe in basketball history; this year marks the sneaker's 50th anniversary.

Who’s Who: New York Local Edition is out January 26 with limited distribution. For more information, visit Newco Studio Practice’s website.

Here’s the full list of honorees:

Adam Loutfi

Alfred Casciani

Amandla Baraka

Anik Khan

Anthony Blue Jr.

Arena Embroidery

Arthur Soleimanpour

Bergen Hendrickson

Bernie Gross

Bradley Carbone

Cameron Carter

Carlton Yaito

Charles Shedden

Chris Kennedy

Chris Session

Christian Chico

Christian Petroni

Colin Tom

Colm “KidSuper” Dillane

Curtis Kulig

Dan Solomito

Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day

David “Dave1” Macklovitch

Edwin De La Rosa

Elvin Tavarez

Emichell Noyola

Emmett Shine

Emory Jones

Esteban Scott


Florencia Galarza

Fred “Focus” Lavergne

Jaé Joseph

Jeanette Hayes

Jerome Lamaar

Johnny Nelson

Josh Russ TupperJune Ambrose

Katherine Mateo


Lauren Servideo

Leah McSweeney

Lenny Santiago

Lolita Cros

Luisa Opalesky

Maluca Mala

Mark Luxama

Michael Grant

Nadine Régné

Newco Studio Practice

Noah Thomas

PJ Monte

Paige Silveria

Pat Hoblin

Patrick “Wiki” Morales

Quiana Parks

RJ Barrett Jr.

Ray’s Candy Store

Ricky Michiels

Roman Grandinetti

Sam Branden

Sanaa Hamed

Sandrine Charles

Sara Jane Booth

Sarah Bachman

Sasha Alcocer

Show Me The Body/ Corpus

Stefan Bowerman

Tommy Jewels

Udi Avshalom

Vladdimir Gomez

Walt “Clyde” Frazier

Zac Bahaj

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