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Rosé Says She Doesn't Think BLACKPINK Will "Ever End"

“Blackpink is family forever. I grew up with them. They’re a part of me. I don’t think it’ll ever end.”

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The K-pop girl group Blackpink is at the top of their game. They’re megastars: the most popular girl group in the entire world. Not only are they the most-followed act on YouTube, but they’re the first K-pop girl group to sell a million records, and even the South Korean president counts himself among their stans.

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It’s hardly a time to talk about the group ending. But there’s nothing people want to talk about more when you’re at the top of your game than what it could look like to have it all end. In an interview with Rolling Stone, singer Rosé — known as the one with the “golden voice,” was asked if she ever imagines life after Blackpink.

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