Your Snapchat Stories Can Last More Than 24 Hours


While Snapchat may have been inspired by people's penchants for sending sexts and nudes, in the four-and-a-half years since its launch, the platform has evolved into more of a social format than anything. With the addition of the Story feature in 2013, users began crafting vignettes of their daily lives and using it to create curated narratives. But, as is the beauty and pitfall of Snapchat, all content deletes within 24 hours, if not instantly. But what happens if you really treasure those recorded memories and forget to download them before the 24-hour mark? Are they truly gone forever? Thanks to SnapMemories, they're not.

All you have to do is sign up at with your name, username, and email address. Then, just add "mysnapmemories0" to the people you follow on Snapchat. The service, which launched earlier this week, will then automatically save your stories and send you an email each month with a download link containing all of your stories from the past month.

At this time, you can't download other people's stories—just your own. Sign up and prepare to relive your most cringe-worthy once-fleeting moments. You can always delete them again if you so choose.