Hilary Duff in 2003.
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Hilary Duff’s Most Nostalgic Performances

Remember when she played two different people in The Lizzie McGuire Movie? It’s called talent!

In the aughts, few starlets were busier than Hilary Duff. From playing the clumsy, lovable fashionista Lizzie McGuire to soundtracking MTV’s iconic mid-aughts shows Laguna Beach and My Super Sweet 16 with her perfect, lab-engineered vocals, Duff was everywhere. Ahead, we’ve collected Duff’s most memorable performances, from Cinderella Story to Gossip Girl, and everything in between.

Lizzie McGuire (2001-2004)

We were robbed of a reboot, but only in the name of genuine character development! Hilary Duff (reasonably) wanted Lizzie to be an adult living in a non-PG-rated-Brooklyn, but the Puritans at Disney refused, so Duff walked away. But that’s okay: Lizzie lives forever in iconic scenes throughout the show’s two seasons. Who can forget when she discovers rhythmic gymnastics, or she yells at her mom that she doesn’t want a bra, or when she kissed Aaron Carter? Team Olivia Rodrigo knows the value of the show; the “Brutal” music video is filled with looks taken straight out of Miranda’s closet. (Disney+)

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