Susan Alexandra Brings Her Signature Whimsy To Her Judaica Collection

A watermelon menorah? Say less!

Everything Susan Alexandra makes is about joy. Wearing one of the brand’s beaded bags unlocks a whimsy and playfulness that makes you feel like you’re actively healing your inner child just by toting around a beaded bag with 3-D cherries on it, or taking out your card holder on which a beaded picnic ant is appended. Now, the New York City-based designer has a new collection of drool-worthy tactile treats to inspire you to integrate Judaica into your everyday wardrobe. Or if you haven’t made your holiday wish list yet, look no further.

Susan Alexandra’s Judaica collection includes everything you’d need for shabbat dinners and the High Holidays: a delightful glass menorah in the shape of a watermelon, ornate mezuzahs, colorful Shabbos candlesticks, and even handmade yarmulkes in Yankees designs. Judaica also includes a robust jewelry selection, featuring Star of David-inspired necklaces (called the Star of Susan!) to Punim bracelets, and earrings and bracelets that feature fan-favorite motifs like the evil eye, pickles, matzoh ball soup, and challah.

“I wanted to create a fun and fresh way to integrate Judaica into your daily life,” says Susan Korn, founder and creative director of Susan Alexandra. She says the collection is meant to be worn by anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation. (Great for all of us matzoh ball soup aficionados.)

“This collection was designed to honor my grandmother Rose, one of the biggest inspirations in my life,” Korn said in a press release. “She was a holocaust survivor who’s greatest love was gathering with her family. Though she suffered beyond comprehension because of the religion she was born into, she proudly celebrated her Judaism until she left this planet. My hope is that in this time, when public figures are perpetuating anti-semitic myths and synagogues are on high security alerts, that we can come together and celebrate the beauty and community of Judaism.”

The collection is as reverent as it is playful, putting Alexandra’s signature whimsical spin on the items significant to both Judaism as a religion, and culturally — an approach that is present in Susan Alexandra’s signature Make Your Own necklaces that spell out words like “Kosher,” “Yente,” “Bubbe,” and “Shalom,” as well as charm necklaces like the Delicatessen necklace, which features a tiny pickle, black and white cookie, matzoh ball soup, and a bagel with lox on a delicate string of pearls.

See photos from Susan Alexandra’s Judaica Collection, below, and catch the collection at their flagship store in New York City and website on November 11.

Susan Alexandra