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Tokischa Shares Her Formula 1 Diary

Tokischa took the 2023 Miami Grand Prix by storm, and talks driving a Formula 1 car, her go-to cocktail, and what she loves most about the 305.

If Tokischa was at Formula 1, you know it’s a cultural event worth your attention. The Dominican rapper was among the many celebrities to attend the 2023 Grand Prix in Miami. But Tokischa didn’t stay sweating in the stands: She got to drive with Oracle Red Bull racing.

The autodrome is a fitting setting for the rapper, who’s enjoying an ascent to fame as fast as the rigs themselves. She’s smooched both Madonna and Rosalía. She’s called the Popola Presidente, or “p*ssy president,” for her affriming, orgasmic reggaeton bops. She’s dominating OnlyFans — and soon the whole world. And in Miami, she drove a race car and strut the grounds in a black corset and mesh pants with the swagger of a F1 driver.

Below, Tokischa shares her favorite moments from the 2023 Grand Prix in Miami, her new favorite addictive cocktail, and what she loves most about the 305.

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What surprised you most about F1?

How easy and how much I enjoy driving the car. That was really surprising, because I don't usually drive, and I drove really fast.

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What was your favorite F1 outfit?

I only went one day and I didn't like my outfit a lot, because I wore everything that I was not supposed to wear. I wore big ass boots. I wore a dress. I had a ponytail and when I was putting the [helmet] on, it ruined my hair. I had a lot of earrings, so it was not an F1 outfit. I looked cute though, but it was not the outfit for that.

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Outside of the races, what was the highlight of my weekend?

Getting to meet A$AP Rocky, that was my highlight of the weekend. I met him at an after party. He was so charming and so nice.

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What do you love most about Miami?

Definitely the weather, because everywhere outside Dominican Republic that I go to, is always cold at night and all that, so I love the weather in Miami. And I love that they have a lot of good food in Miami.

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What is your drink of choice this weekend?

Well, this weekend I'm not drinking, because when I came back to DR, I learned how to do lychee martini. I took five of those with vodka and then I started drinking tequila. That next day I threw up like five times and my stomach is still recovering from that night. But definitely my favorite drink right now is lychee martini.

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What advice would you give to people attending their first Grand Prix?

Well, wear the clothes that you're supposed to wear. Wear comfy sneakers. Don't wear a ponytail. Wear your hair down or two pigtails. Wear pants. Don't miss the chance to drive a car, because it's so fun. It's so easy and it's an experience that you don't usually get to actually have. Drink a lot of water, get your sunscreen on, and just enjoy driving. Oh, and also go driving with a co-pilot. I didn't want to drive alone.