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Our 18 Favorite Valentine’s Gifts For Best Friends

NYLON’s ultimate guide to sweet gifts for BFFs of all kinds.

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Lana Del Rey said it best in “Video Games” over a decade ago: “They say that the world was built for two.” But two doesn’t have to mean a significant other, even on Valentine’s Day when there’s a lot of other kinds of love worth celebrating. And you know what type of love is probably guaranteed to last forever? Friendship.

When it comes to picking a Valentine’s gift, there are a few core rules that apply, regardless of who your number one is. Ideally, a gift should be on theme (meaning it should be pink or red), beautiful for beauty’s sake, and, as is the gold standard in all gift-giving, something someone wouldn’t normally buy for themself. Below, we offer decadent gift suggestions, including a line of elegant, bartender-approved pre-bottled cocktails from Via Carota or a silky weighted sleep mask — as well as campier offerings, like a heart-shaped crossbody Coach bag or matching necklaces for adult BFFs. Read on for 18 of our favorite Valentine’s gifts for your other other half.

Larsa Sleep Robe

We can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than lounging around in this silky robe that’s not only lined in fur, but has an intricate diamanté-appliqué fairy goddess on the back.

Via Carota Cocktails

You and your bestie can skip the Via Carota wait time and pour your own cocktails with the restaurant’s bottled collection of their best drinks — including their signature negroni and creamy espresso martini.

Universal Flowering Discovery Kit

Perfumer Courtney Rafuse is making some of the most compelling scents in the fragrance industry. Featuring 13 2-milliliter samples, the Discovery Kit makes it easy to explore a new signature scent. Our current favorite? Gossamer Spirit, a dream-like perfume reminiscent of burning incense in a cathedral with notes of cold metal, hay, and musk.

Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Lunya makes silk products so soft (and washable) that it feels too good not to immediately text everyone we know. The Sleep Mask in Frosted Rose will keep your bestie feeling luxurious at bedtime all year long.

Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer

Like we already said: Anything pink is a de facto Valentine’s Day gift. Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer not only leaves skin feeling dewy, but comes with the softest hint of a rosy scent. Your bestie will thank you for the gift of hydrated skin.

Big Flirt Candle

The latest release from perfume company Snif is a candle that smells like eating chocolate covered strawberries and sipping Champagne in a plush hotel bed, conjuring the most decadent of Valentine’s Days.

Mini Heart Crossbody

The best part about Valentine’s Day is wearing pink and red — and there’s no better accessory to embrace the campy holiday than Coach’s Heart Crossbody bag. We love a theme.

The Bow Necklace

Ian Charms makes whimsical, very of-the-moment pearl jewelry. (They have a Jacob Elordi Saltburn crush collection incoming, if you need convincing) The Bow Necklace, which features iridescent stars and a golden bow, is a great candidate for a friendship necklace.

Shira Berg Ceramic Daisies

Give your bestie a flower that will last from apartment to apartment, thanks to artist Shira Berg, who crafts gorgeous ceramic daisies and roses by hand.

Acts of Desperation by Megan Nolan

This hot anti-romance novel follows a young woman’s obsession with a charismatic older writer and is guaranteed to be one of your best friend’s favorite reads of the year.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Set

With four lip and face products for rosy lips and cheeks in Charlotte Tilbury’s beloved Pillow Talk shade, this is the perfect set for whatever makeup mood strikes on Valentine’s Day.

UGG Scuff Sis Slippers

Everyone’s feet deserve a pair of UGG slippers, which let you glide around the house as if nestled into a pink cloud.

Skims Cotton Fleece Pet Hoodie

Who said anything about your BFF being human? Show your furry BFF some extra love with a soft, baby pink plush hoodie.

Polaroid Camera

Let’s be honest, this is a bonus gift for you, too — more opportunities for bestie photoshoots.

Sandy Liang Secret Locket

Thanks to Sandy Liang’s tender jewelry collection, your best friend can wear your heart on their chest with the The Secret Locket, a juicy red heart that opens to reveal a small mirror.

Marc Jacobs Friendship Necklace Set

Because nothing says adult BFF friendship necklaces more than a two-headed teddy bear. I’ve never been complimented on a piece of jewelry more.

Heart Candle Holder

Valentine’s Day is only 24 hours, but heart-shaped decorations can be year-round, thanks to Parisian artist Samantha Kerdine, who handmakes and glazes delightful pink and red ceramic candle holders.

Hello Kitty Starface

Don’t let a little acne shrink your confidence on Valentine’s Day. When you and your BFF hit the town armed with matching Hello Kitty Starface stickers, you’ll be unstoppably cute together.