The Egg on the Masked Singer Runway.
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The Top 9 Darksided Reality TV Shows

As reality has gotten more dystopian, so has reality TV.

If media is a mirror of society, then it only stands to reason that reality television — which reflects and refracts where we’re currently “at,” is getting more freaky and dystopian. From a show hosted by an actual robot to an avatar singing competition, here are some of the most dystopian reality TV shows that meet our collective psyche in this current moment.

The Swan (2004-2005)

The Swan is a forgotten, deeply darksided relic of reality tv, mostly because its premise is too bleak, even back in the salad days of 2004. Women contestants undergo intensive facial plastic surgery to go from “ugly ducklings” to “beautiful swans” so they can enter a beauty pageant. Imagine how insufferable Twitter would be if this show came out today! The think pieces alone would unravel society!