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Menstrual Cups Are Safe and Affordable—Science Says So

Plus, they're eco-friendly

by Tembe Denton-Hurst

At this point, you probably know someone who raves about their menstrual cups and tries to push it on others. "It's really the best," they say while listing the many reasons to make the switch, like lifetime cost-effectiveness and long-term environmental benefits. They might even offer to show you theirs.

It's me, I'm someone. And yes, I'm trying to convert everyone I know. And now, thanks to a study published by medical journal The Lancet Public Health, I can use science to support my claims. The study surveyed other studies published as recently as 2019 that speak to the experiences and leakage associated menstrual cups. One of the most significant findings is the inevitable learning curve associated with the cup, which can take a few cycles to perfect. Despite this, however, 73 percent of participants wanted to continue using menstrual cups. There were some negative effects reported: Five women said they experienced severe pain and vaginal wounds. Some women also experienced dislodging of their IUDs, though this was likewise rare.

Ultimately, scientists have given menstrual cups their blessing and encourage more research around the devices and comparison between different types of menstrual management products. This is a good sign though—according to science, menstrual cups have finally entered the race.