Image courtesy of Nail Addicts Studio


This ‘90s-Themed Nail Salon Will Inspire Your Next Retro Manicure

The best of pop culture through the early aughts is up for grabs

The era of Spice Girls, flared jeans, and Tamagotchi has returned, serving as the backdrop for one Florida-based nail salon. Nail Addicts Studio, a salon founded by Devin Strebler, is making all your '90s dreams come true, with a business that's steadily grown in viral popularity thanks to its nail art and decor. From old issues of J-14 that await customers upon arriving to manicures that have featured Lizzie McGuire and the Powerpuff Girls, Stebler's salon is a celebration of life in the nineties.

Strebler told NYLON that she's been working as a nail artist for nearly six years, and she decided to open her business as a way to memorialize her childhood. On her Instagram account, Strebler has continually shared her work, showcasing nail art that's featured the familiar neon stripes of Lisa Frank and cartoons faces including Hey Arnold!and Invader Zim.

As the '90s continue to have their moment, popping up in everything from current fashion trends to planned reboots, it's clear this adoration for the decade isn't going anywhere soon. And as Strebler explained to NYLON, there are definitely ways to incorporate the trend into your current nail art. Below, Strebler shared what's currently trending in nail art, how she created a salon entirely inspired by a previous decade, and the one '90s-inspired nail set she still dreams of doing.

What inspired you to open a nail salon that was inspired by the '90s?

I opened the salon in August of last year. I've always really been into anything from my childhood. A lot of iconic things come from that time — the music was better, fashion trends were awesome, there were all of those celebrities and toys. A lot of memorable things from the '90s have inspired my life, and it was a very cool time period. A lot of old things started coming back from then, with fashion, remixes to songs, and the toys. I thought it would be a good idea to do something that was trending, but something that I've always loved and have been inspired by.

How did you decide on what to include, and manage to keep the '90s theme so consistent?

I wanted to go for a retro, but girly, shabby chic style. There's even a bit of '80s in the design. I've always been into thrifting, and almost all the pieces of furniture — including the nail desks — were created by me. I got them from flea markets and garage sales, and then got glass tops. I also have this old lamp, which is our shop icon. The lamp is shaped like a lady, and we named her Victoria. Throughout the salon, there's pictures of all the old celebrities — Spice Girls, Brittney Spears. I tried to incorporate those themes without being too tacky, and I wanted to create a nice, clean salon that was girly and funky.

When it comes to the manicures, do you only do '90s styles or do you cover all types of manicures?

We have everything, from a simple French manicure to a style inspired by Cardi B or Britney Spears. We'll do whatever the client wants. I myself, personally tend to get a lot of funky, fun clients.

Is there nail art you dream of getting to do?

I want to do nails inspired by the different Britney Spears video, with one nail for "Toxic" and "I'm a Slave 4 U." I also really want to do glow-in-the-dark PAC-MAN nails.

As far as current nail art trends, do you notice anything from the '90s that's trending?

The Playboy logo is back. Cherries are very in, as are butterflies and neon colors. If someone wanted to push the edge a little bit and do something fun, but not over the top, I would suggest bright, neon colors, and then some art deco or pop abstract elements like squiggly lines.