This Is The Latest Coat That's Taken Over New York Streets

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It's typical to see patterns and trends emerge on the runways of New York Fashion Week. This year though, I noticed a trend outside of the shows. On the streets, NYFW attendees were all wearing and photographed in the exact same jacket, a vegan leather puffer that I instantly recognized as Nanushka. Everywhere I turned, there was the pillowy, padded perfection in a variety of colors from neutral black and white, to a rich brown and a bright red.

Photograph by Matthew Sperzel

Now, it's not uncommon for attendees to wear the same thing, whether in support of a designer who is showing that day or after borrowing or being given from the same brand's inventory. But, even taking all that into consideration, it's undeniable that Nanushka's signature jacket was a runaway favorite among the fashion crowd. Since the brand, created by Budapest's Sandra Sandor, really made a name for itself in 2016 (it has been around since 2006), the ski wear-inspired Hide jacket has been a best-seller. But 2019 is when this coat has really hit its stride.

The puffer is beloved for a good reason: The padding is super-soft and buttery; it feels cozy and warm on the inside, but not uncomfortably hot; and the raised collar and, in some cases, roll-able sleeves give it a stylish flair. The best part? It's made from vegan leather, making it not only fashionable but animal-friendly.

Following the initial success of the style, the brand collaborated with Liberty London to create the Hide in the iconic Liberty prints, added a croc-embossed version of the jacket, and also released Eska, an oversized puffer coat style with a hood, making the piece even more of a fashion-forward duvet for colder days. Having just introduced a line of men's wear this NYFW, Nanushka is also putting another version of the jacket for fall, with oversized pockets and a hood that comes in olive grain with a paisley print lining.

Priced at around $600, the jacket isn't affordable for everyone, but it's a high-quality piece that will last you for many winters (as well as chillier fall and spring days) to come. Plus, given how there's an update on the jacket almost every season, you can frequently snag one of the older versions on sale. (I currently have my eye on the Eska in red for $400! And it's been spotted on the RealReal as well.)

Photograph by Matthew Sperzel

"I believe the Hide puffer is the perfect combination of modern and vintage with a flattering shape that won't overpower," Sandor told us when we asked why she thinks the jacket has skyrocketed in popularity this season among NYFW attendees. It's true. Even in black or brown, the jacket adds just the right amount of statement to the most casual of outfits with its unusual shape and can't-help-but-want-to-touch fabric. Heading into the last months of cold weather, having exhausted every sweater and boot we've had on rotation since November, it's the perfect jacket to get us through the last few weeks of winter and well into spring.

Nanushka, Hide faux leather puffer jacket, $620, available at MyTheresa.

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