I Recommend This One Face Cleanser To Everyone I Know

Don't sleep on this

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I'm not an evangelist about very much in this world, but there are a few things that I unreservedly recommend to everyone: watching The Sopranos all the way through at least two times, eating a Sumo citrus on an airplane, and cleansing your face with honey.

Well, not honey, exactly, but rather the Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm from Naturopathica. This rich, creamy face cleanser has completely changed how I wash my face at night in every way, and so it's only natural that I've become its biggest proselytizer. Prior to using this, I very rarely even washed my face at all. I know, I know, that's bad. And, like, yes, I'd use Sephora's cleansing wipes most nights to take off my makeup, but I definitely wasn't overly diligent about it, and was also aware that the wipes weren't necessarily removing every last trace of my makeup. (The mascara smudges on my pillowcases each morning were proof of that.) I had a hard time washing my face every night because it felt like a chore, and also because my skin always felt tight and dry right after cleansing. It didn't matter what I used, my sensitive-skin always responded negatively, turning bright red and taking some time to settle back down again.

But not anymore. This cleansing balm is comprised of such soothing ingredients, that my skin never looks inflamed following application. The redness just isn't an issue anymore. And it also clears my skin of every last trace of makeup, without feeling harsh or abrasive at all. Plus, I've figured out a way to not make washing my face seem like such a tedious task to endure at the end of the night. Here is my trick: I keep the jar in my bedroom, instead of my bathroom. That way, I can just scoop out a little bit of it, and immediately start rubbing it into my face, where the oils dissolve upon contact with my skin and I can give myself a mini-face massage, which feels very good, because, of course, it does.

If this cleansing balm was simply non-inflammatory and a good makeup remover, that would be enough for me to recommend it to most people, but the real reason I recommend it to everyone I know with the religious fervor of a recent convert is because of how completely it has transformed my winter-parched skin and made it soft and supple, and constantly, I think, smelling lightly of wildflower honey. The moisturizing aspect of this cleanser is not to be underestimated; its properties are probably only comparable to washing your face with the tears of the Virgin Mary, if that were possible at all.

All to say, if you, like me, hate washing your face, but also need to wash your face, and want your skin to feel buttery soft and smell delicious (who doesn't want that??), you should try this balm and get down on your knees and thank me, as if in prayer. The gods might not be listening to you, but I am—at least when it comes to your skin-care woes.

Naturopathica, Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm, $62, available at Dermstore.

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