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Diva Smith Gets Ready For Chanel's Miami Runway Show

Amidst working on her debut EP, out this spring, the singer heads to Miami for the brand’s Cruise 2022/23 collection.

Describe your typical getting ready process:

I’ve always loved the ritual of getting ready.

I really fell in love with hair and makeup when I learned how to use it as a way to express myself. Some days I feel best with no makeup, and some days I feel most myself with huge pigtails and pink eyeshadow. It’s when I started understanding the beauty of both of those sides that I found my routine. Skincare is always most important, alongside a lip and cheek tint and clear brow gel. I try to pick out my outfits in advance because that is always the part that takes the longest.

“"The most perfect invitation, and a pink Miami guide book””

“Music is essential for my getting ready process, but dependent on the event. For fashion events like the CHANEL Cruise Show, I set my mood and settle my excitement with more laid back, easy listening.”

“A playlist to get me prepared for the night.”
“On my way to the hotel to start hair and makeup.”

What are your favorite things to do in Miami?

I traveled a lot growing up, and a big thing I’ve learned is the importance of just walking around, sitting at a coffee shop, and people watching. It’s the simple, day-to-day activities that give me the most interesting perspective on a city. Miami people watching is unparalleled.

“Some of my looks for the weekend.”
“Starting the getting ready process.”

Describe your look for the show:

This one piece was already hanging on the rack for my fitting when I arrived, hand picked by the girls. Once I saw the pink rhinestones and double-C chain straps, I knew it was going to be the one. We joked about how it was the perfect mix of pop star spark and Chanel elegance.

I love the youthful edge that Virginie Viard has given to the last few collections— still completely classic and chic, but more unexpected and modern. Only Chanel can put such craftsmanship into a leotard — the embellishments are playful and iconic at the same time.

“Finishing touches with my Chanel Rouge Allure L’extrait."
“The glam!”

What was the most exciting or surprising thing about the show?

I was excited to see luxury fashion prioritize comfort. My favorite pieces in the collection were the jumpsuits and oversized jackets, and I loved the way those pieces were contrasted with cinched waists and bold accessories. Every model walked down the runway with ease and confidence, embodying the comfortability of the collection.

“The outfit on the boardwalk runway!”
“The after party!”

What is inspiring you right now, in both fashion and in your music?

I am always inspired by comfort, in music and in fashion. I want to wear things that I can move and feel myself in, and I want to make music that expresses my most honest self. I also love wearing bright colors— something about it makes me feel happier and more confident.

Ultimately, I am all for waking up each morning and deciding what will make you feel your best self on that day, and for me that can be anything from oversized sweatpants to a mini skirt. My favorite artist right now is Dora Jar — she beautifully embodies self assured vulnerability.

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