Enya Umanzor getting ready for Collina Strada’s show


Enya Umanzor Gets Ready For Collina Strada’s NYFW Show

BTS with the DJ before the Spring 2023 runway show.

Describe your getting ready process:

I like to wait until last minute so I can be late... not actually but somehow it's what I always do and it's always when I look my best. So I take my time.

I need to listen to music— if you don't blast music while getting ready you’re probably a killer. I've been listening to the album Amplified Heart by Everything But The Girl recently while getting ready. It makes me feels super grounded and nostalgic... a bit sad, which is what I need sometimes.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about New York Fashion Week?

I love clothing so much, so being able to finally attend shows and see new things presented in super theatrical manners is so fulfilling. I think the least favorite parts get washed over because of the sole fact that I have a true reason to get all dolled up and gawk at clothing. Def hate how anxious it all makes me, being late being seen... it's all too much!

“I love what Collina Strada brings to the fashion industry. Everything feels well thought out and it gives me inspiration like I hadn't realized I needed: to make sure the things you make have a place and meaning.”

Describe your look for the night.

This is a vintage Betsey Johnson set. It just feels super sexy while being nothing too loud. The green shade feels very Collina appropriate and nothing is better than lots of decolletage.

What trends are you really into right now? What do you hate?

I'm super into this revival of the extreme feminine. I think we had a moment in fashion where doing the opposite was really sought after, but now throwing on extra blush and bows is a huge win for the trending community... I usually am a huge hater of most trends but those two in particular have my stamp of approval.

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