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Maggie Rogers Gets Ready for Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2023 Show

Go behind-the-scenes as the singer takes on Paris Fashion Week.

Describe your typical getting ready process:

I’m always happiest when things are calm and easy before an event. I listened to Aretha Franklin and Patsy Cline, drank lots of water, and applied lots of moisturizer. My stylist, Kat Typaldos, and I have been working together three or four years now, so we just hung out and gossiped and ate some macarons.

What are you most excited about for this season’s Louis Vuitton show?

Louis Vuitton represents such classic French elegance to me and I’ve been so inspired Nicolas Ghesquiere’s work these past few years especially.

I love the world building element of fashion shows, all of the meticulous thought and detail and planning that goes into a show. It always gives me a lot of inspiration for designing my own stage shows. The lighting, the music, the clothes — its all about how you want someone in the audience to feel.

Describe your look for today’s show:

For the LV show, I wore high leather square toed boots, a tailored short with pearl buttons, a high ruffle blue button down, and a classic black blazer.

“I call this look ‘page boy chic.’”

What are your must-do’s when in Paris?

I lived here for a bit in college, so going out dancing with friends. French house music is some of my favorite. I always try and sneak in a little vintage shopping and a bit of art.

What trends do you love right now? Which do you hate?

Honestly, I try to avoid trends. I wear basically the same thing every day. Jeans and tee shirt. Men’s suiting. It just feels classic and easy to me. I love clothes that are functional and timeless.

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