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Peace Out Has A New Product — And It Already Has A Cult Following

The brand's dullness pads will help brighten your tired winter skin

As warmer weather and days spent poolside rapidly approaches, Peace Out Skincare unveiled a new product that will help brighten and reset your skin for the start of a fresh season. The beauty brains behind some serious skin care saviors, including some miraculous acne fighting dots, announced Peace Out Dullness. And as the name of this product would suggest, this launch was intended to banish dead, dull skin.

Available online today, and in Sephora stores nationwide on Feb. 28, Peace Out Dullness ($24) Is a pack of eight double-sized gauze pads that deliver on an instant at-home facial. The bright yellow pads are infused with seven skin care ingredients that will lead to instant radiance, including AHA, BHA, and PHA. The ingredients, combined with Plankton Extract and Evodia Fruit Extract will exfoliate the skin, ridding your face of any dead skin that's been building up and leaving behind smoother, brighter skin in the process.

In order to get the most out of your mini facial, you use the cotton side on the face, and the yellow mesh side of the pad on areas that need a little extra help, like your T-zone. After the product dries, you can resume your daily SPF or moisturizer application. A single pad is intended to only be used once, the brand noted on its Instagram.

Intended to be used twice weekly after cleansing, the product may cause you to feel some tingling upon application, Peace Out notes. (However, if you experience extreme tingling, or your skin begins to feel uncomfortable, you may want to speak with a dermatologist about your experience, and what products might be right for you.)

Sharing news of the launch on Instagram, Peace Out shared a before and after photo, noting that while results may vary, some participants of a trial run of the product did notice more radiant skin. The double-sided pads can be used on all skin types, but if your skin feels especially sensitive after use, Peace Out suggests cleansing your face of the product 20-minutes after using.

Its online launch has already given way to rave reviews, with Sephora customers noting "This really brightens my skin and makes it feel really nice" and "This gave my skin so much life! My skin was so dull from the dryness during the winter. This is the best thing I have ever used!" Others praised the product's ease of use and reported immediate results. "I have very sensitive skin and I'm in love with this product. It doesn't dry my skin out like most products do, and gave me a great glow. Would highly recommend," one person wrote.

Get a peek at the product and some of its reported results, below.