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Rihanna Has An Eyebrow Double

To test new beauty trends on

Rihanna's eyebrow artist Damone Roberts just revealed that the singer has stand-ins who test out wild beauty trends so she can see what she would look like before she takes the plunge.

When asked if he could share any memorable experiences with his clients, Roberts recalled the first time he worked with Rihanna, for her Met Gala look from earlier this year no less, and said that she had the idea of lightening her eyebrows. She didn't want to dive headfirst into the transformation, though, so she sent a "lookalike model" in her place.

According to Roberts, when you're working on Rih's brows, you first have to "try out different looks on the eyebrows on the model," and then "send pictures to Rihanna and she decides whether she wants to do it or not." He said he worked to get the perfect color for the model's brows and then sent the photos off to Rihanna before the Met Gala. She was a fan: "She's like, 'I loved them! You gotta fly to NY and take care of me!' and do them."

While it's definitely an extravagance to send a look-alike to test beauty looks out for you, we're not completely surprised that she's doing it. After all, when you're Rihanna, you don't have time for beauty faux pas.