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Six NYLON Staffers Found Their Personalities In Fragrance

And got a confidence boost, at that

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Here at NYLON, our individuality is probably our most important asset. We want to stand out, and one way we do that is through our fragrances.

But, who are we, exactly? To find out, six NYLON staffers matched their personalities to a unique fragrance from Sephora and told us why each fits into their lives. Get to know us a little better, below.

Gabrielle Korn, Editor-in-Chief, with Maison Margiela Beach Walk

"I've always questioned rules, and whenever I can, I make my own. NYLON was founded for girls like me, created to be the coolest alternative to all the glossy, hyper-polished noise, and when I became editor-in-chief, I wanted to push the envelope even further, exploding the idea of reaching just one girl and reimagining what edginess is, and who it's even for. I've found the best stories come from people who tend to be left out of the mainstream conversation—it's way more exciting on the margins, within emerging culture, within marginalized communities of people who have also had to make their own rules—and I thrive on lifting those voices up."

Bailey Calfee, Staff Writer, with Nest Indigo

"I'm a Scorpio, and proud of it. I play up my inherent moodiness and find comfort in my sometimes-brooding nature. People sometimes think that the fact that I'm a little less outgoing than most means that I'm rude, but that couldn't be further from the case. Just because I lean into the darkness a little doesn't mean I'm silently judging everyone. In fact, I use my introverted, more serious nature to find a light within pretty much everyone and everything."

Irina Grechko, Managing Editor, with Atelier Cologne Clémentine California

"As someone who grew up in many different countries—like, Denmark, Russia, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates—I consider my education to have come from the different people I encountered and experiences I had along the way. Many years later, I still actively seek out more of the world, because there's nothing that inspires me more and encourages me to keep learning life lessons than seeing other cultures."

Taylor Bryant, Senior Editor, with Clean Reserve Warm Cotton

"Being on the go and moving around is a big part of being a New Yorker, and one thing I've learned through that lifestyle is that there's no point in holding on to items that meant something years ago, but have lost all meaning today. Especially as I've gotten older, I've realized the beauty in letting go and living a simplistic life. I keep the things that spark joy and discard what doesn't. In doing this, I've come to always remember that less is more, but that what you keep should be as beautiful as you are."

Jenna Igneri, Fashion and Beauty Editor, with Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume

"I've gotten to the point where I want to be me—unapologetically so. It took me a long time and a lot of growing up to learn to love myself the way I do now, and I don't want to ever lose sight of that love. I'm going to keep trying out all the weird trends I love, and keep making up my own. (I've dyed my hair every color of the rainbow, brought back the perm, and tested tooth polish, to name a few.) I'm not going to stop embracing the fact that my look will never stay the same for more than a couple of months, and that I don't fit in like I used to think I needed to."

Lindsay Hattrick, Design Assistant, with Pinrose Secret Genius

"For some people, even small things can seem like the absolute End Of The World. Luckily, I'm not one of those people: Sometimes, there are little bumps in the road, but something like sleeping through an alarm doesn't warrant a breakdown. I like to think that I see the larger picture of things, and realize that tiny inconveniences rarely ever add up to a disaster. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, and what matters today might not—and probably won't, actually—matter tomorrow."

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