Here's What Your Sex Life Will Be Like In 2020 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Next year is ready to give you ample opportunity to put yourself on top — in more ways than one

Dear Reader,

With only a few days left of 2019, and on the heels of a new moon solar eclipse, it's time to look ahead to the next year. And we're not talking about any astrological forecast but specifically what your sex life horoscope for 2020 looks like for you. For some signs, who have spent the last year focused on other things like career, this might mean just learning to speak the language of love. For others, it will finally be time to seriously take on partnerships and relationships after a year that tested them in that department. For yet others, it might be a good time to consider turning that "friend" into a lover.

"Sharing yourself, your sexual energy, it feels better when you know where to find it in yourself and for yourself first," writes NYLON's resident astrologer Gala Mukomolova, who we've tapped for the forecast for the next year. "This year, you're lined up to bring sexy back, and all you've got to do is commit to figuring out what helps you feel confident, powerful, and secure, and actually doing it."

Ahead, her astrological predictions for what your sex life and relationships will look like in 2020 based on your zodiac sign.


With so much focus on your public image and professional world this year, sex and intimacy might not be what you're setting your eyes on. Out of sight doesn't entirely mean out of mind, Aries. With Chiron working on old wounds and Lilith in Aries for much of this year, Spring might find you yearning for an erotic connection that affirms and attends to the part of you that carries old resentments and wounds. It's important to reach out from a place of collaboration this year, to feel yourself being mutually beneficial, mutually healing, mutually inspiring. Venus Rx in your third house might have you reconsidering how you go about communicating yourself and your intentions in the process of making connections, Aries. Have you been speaking the language of love to others when you're only beginning to learn what it means?


Uranus is interested in changing the way you conceive of yourself and your place in the family of things. This year will have much to offer you by way of philosophy. Your philosophy of self and of relation. You might find that while you were busy making large material changes in your life, your heart was shifting too. This new you has new ideas about partnership, about romantic and erotic connection. This new you doesn't so much want to "have and hold" as it wants to "feel and grow." But, in order to make room for new ideas you've got to clear away some old ones. I know it's not easy for you to accept change, Taurus, but maybe it's a little easier if you remind yourself that change has already happened and you're just catching up.


While time might be a little bit made up, it certainly isn't free, and you certainly don't have endless amounts of it. In fact, the commitments you made in 2019 have you working your butt off in 2020, which makes your leisure time all the more precious. Not to mention the fact that you're going through some serious spiritual transformations! Flirtation, dating, fucking, all of these activities take energy — and you, dear Gemini, are learning that your energy isn't just a fuel that moves through your body and out. Sex magic is an energy exchange, and your energy is potent, sacred, and a text onto itself. It is an archive. Make sure the people you expend your energy on are as interested in reading your book as they are in claiming it. Seek to be known.


2019 spent a good deal of time administrating lessons to you on your sense of self-worth and ability to show up for yourself especially when in conflict with people you love. Now, 2020 wants to find out what an empowered, engaged, and self-possessed version of you looks like when it takes on partnership and relation. 2020's astrology moves into your house of partnership and sets about putting things to write, pushing growth, and clipping away excess. This work might sound daunting, but there are blessings in the mix. You're stronger than you were, more elastic, because you know your limits. You're looking for reciprocity and, when you get it, you'll feel yourself ready to be vulnerable sexually, to open new doors because you're sure of the house of yourself


You're learning how to take care of your body and make good use of your days this coming year, Leo, and that kind of attention is sure to rub off on your sense of sexual self and physical presence. While much of 2019 had you in your head, rooting around to make sense of your heart, 2020 will let your body do the talking. Take note, dear one, of upset stomachs and bowel pain, when they come up and around whom. Take note of sudden desires to drink more, some more, to get in the way of your own presence. Sex is great, but have you ever felt physically at ease around someone you admire? When you feel unwell, that's information, and when you feel peace, that's information too. Tune in to the language of your body because it has lessons for you. Lessons that your heart has a way of tuning out. This year, it's not unlikely that your relationships will change shape, friends to lovers or lovers to friends. Trust your gut when it tells you which direction is right for you.


I know you're no stranger to hard work, Virgo, but this coming year, work is about get real familiar with you. Doing what you love with dedication pays off, and 2020 is all about recognition for you, dear one, about making ends and feeling stupendous. And, we all know how it is with you Virgos: when work is good, love is better. This year, creativity and romance play off each other, and you'll have plenty of opportunity to pour the libations from one cup to the other. Passion loves changing shape. But, where there's heat there's fire, and it would serve you to enter this year with some clear limits in mind regarding how much of your resources, your time and money, you're willing to spend on the attentions of others. Make sure that what feels good for you one moment won't wind up biting you in the butt. You've worked too hard to find your place, don't be in a hurry to lose yourself.


Despite your relational nature, Libra, you're not always up for everything that partnership entails. In fact, few people are aware of your freedom-seeking nature and your resistance to the expectations of others. You learned how to be independent early in life, and what taught you to be resourceful also taught you to be guarded. This year will find you turning over old patterns of relation you learned when you were young and wondering if there are other ways to share yourself with people — ways that feel inspiring, even sexy, to you. Sharing yourself, your sexual energy, it feels better when you know where to find it in yourself and for yourself first. 2020, year of expansion and soul-searching, might work best on the road. Untethered to any one location, and reminded that life is bigger, you'll be given new ways to ground yourself in your body as it is now, not as it was.


Perhaps 2019 was a lonely year for you, Scorpio? Then you'll be glad to hear that 2020 will grant you ample social time, connection, and exchange. This coming year is full of opportunities for you to open yourself up to new acquaintances and new ways of engaging with others. In turn, you'll feel more optimistic about what and who is out there. It's a good thing so much light is coming to you in 2020 — you'll need some of it to light the torch you'll be carrying into the underworld. Or, to put it plainly, while your day-to-day world promises easy flirtation and synchronicities full of charm, your interior world will have other plans. Nothing you can't handle, of course, just your everyday psycho-sexual-spiritual transformation work. Try your best to carry the grace you find during your days into your waking nights. Don't guard yourself against easy pleasures. It's easier to swallow bitter truths when chasing them with a little sugar.


Everyone is sexier when they're confident, Sagittarius, it's a known fact. This year, you're lined up to bring sexy back, and all you've got to do is commit to figuring out what helps you feel confident, powerful, and secure, and actually doing it. If this sounds like a tall order, then get yourself a big table because 2020 doesn't just want you to feel good enough, it wants you to feel great. And, it will give you opportunity after opportunity to channel your sexual energy in ways that feel sustainable. This year, you will be taxed with figuring out what your sexual energy means to you, how you hold it within yourself, how it transforms within your creative endeavors, and how it shifts to accompany the sexual energies of those you spend time with. As ever, the notion and pressure of partnership, the idea of it, will run parallel to the work you are doing on and for yourself. The sexual energy you bring into a partnership can be honorable, transformative, even. But, it's only as valuable as you regard it, so don't spend it on mind games or let it gather dust on a shelf.


You have no trouble finding a date, Capricorn. A boss babe knows how to put some shine on her hand. In 2020, your sexual focus won't be so much on finding a handsome date as it will be finding a date that knows who the fuck you are. The catch, of course, is obvious. In order for someone to know who the fuck you are, you gotta show them. And, you can't show them if you're giving your power away; if you're working so hard to look like the better person, you're left as the only one working. Your relationship to your own power, your core sexual self, will see transformation this year, and you will feel this shift in your day-to-day — in your work and home life. If you're ready to stop betraying yourself, then 2020 is ready to give you ample opportunity to put yourself on top in more ways than one.


If 2019 was all about figuring out what you have no room for in your romantic and intimate life, then 2020 is all about stretching the limits of what is possible for you. This coming year is READY to grant you whatever pleasures you seek, connections that feel limitless, soul-shifting sex — and all you gotta do is say yes… and admit that depth is what you want. Aquarius, the casual cool masks are falling off, and if it takes you a whole year to figure out how to admit how much you crave intensity and sweetness both, then it takes all year. No one is in a rush, and besides, you've got to find the special words that will communicate your particular needs just right. Love, itself, is boundless but you — dear star — have beautiful boundaries. You can trust yourself to maintain them in the midst of something bigger than you. Like a boat carrying a body safely to shore out on a very wide sea.


Perhaps, like Rihanna, you were all work work work work work in 2019, and just thinking about another year makes you tired. Perhaps imagining the relentlessness of winter makes you long for beautiful nights with people you adore seated right beside each other. Good thing, then, that 2020 brings a great deal of friendship magic to your stars, dear Pisces. This year, your social web, your crystal grid, will glow brighter than ever. And, of course, where there's light, there's the possibility of a spark. Love and romance are not so much found amongst old friends, in this case, as it is transformed by them. Take note of the people who create spaces and art that inspires you to feel free and sexually potent, hold the memory of that sensation close. These people will be instrumental in helping you uncover powerful possibilities for your healing. Yes healing, because real friendship has within it medicine. And, yes, you will find that some friendships, some people, will call up old sicknesses in you. That is what we call poison medicine. This year will teach you how to know when poison is and isn't the cure. When the dose is right, the rest is magic, and what comes through you and to you is pure love. Real love.