This Edge Control Makes My Baby Hairs Look Like Silk

It's the holy grail of edge control

by Tembe Denton-Hurst

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I don't really know what has possessed me to share one of my best-kept beauty secrets, but here I am about to do just that. Look, my edge control is one of those things I keep close to my heart, shared only with trusted friends and people who DM me and shower my Leo moon with compliments—and now, you too, will know how I keep my edges swooped and slicked all day long.

I stumbled on Style Factor's Edge Booster by chance: After I'd left my OG option at home and needed to lay my stubborn edges in a pinch, I tried this product and found that it gets my edges flat—even if I've left my scarf at home and only have my fingers to smooth it in. (It should be noted, however, that a boar bristle brush works much, much better for creating intricate swirls and designs.) Best of all? Its effects last for days. Even just one application can last me two or three days if I'm careful, and longer if I'm tying my hair down every night.

And then there's the scent. I could write a small children's book about the scent alone, which would primarily use onomatopoeia and have illustrations of me smiling in ecstasy while sniffing each one. It's sweet without being overwhelming, and even though the green one (Sugar Melon) is my favorite, they all smell really, really good. It's brilliant really—that there are a variety of scents and one great formula—and I'm currently on a quest to collect (and smell) them all.

My edges with Style BoosterImage courtesy of @tembae

A little also goes a long way with this one, and I only need a pea-sized amount for the entirety of my hairline. Too much on my fine strands can create a little bit of a white cast (that's how I know I've used too much); also, although it layers well with my Eco Styler Gel, it works perfectly fine on its own. The big difference between this formula and those that came before it (may they R.I.P.) is how soft and touchable my edges feel. Pre-Edge Booster, crunchy, flaky edges were my normal and what I'd come to expect. So naturally, now that I've discovered Edge Booster, I don't know how to act. I selfie with abandon, tell my friends and family to break up with their inferior edge controls, and have become a proud, frequent wearer of the low, slicked-back bun.

It's turned me into a monster, really, but at least my edges are laid and slayed.

Style Factor, Edge Booster Strong Hold Hair Pomade, from $7, available at Amazon.

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