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It's Time To Finally Give Tie-Dye A Try At Home

These YouTube tutorials will teach you how to tie-dye almost every item in your closet.

We are now into month two of quarantine and the list of things we're able to do is getting shorter. Puzzles are nearly sold out on Amazon and there are only so many times you can rewatch VanderpumpRules before you start to go a little bit insane. There are still some new indoor hobbies to be picked up, however, like tie-dyeing some of the basics already in your closet.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be crafty, tie-dye is a simple way to spice up your old wardrobe with few materials needed. (There are kits online that you can buy, or perhaps you have some natural dye ingredients or food coloring in your kitchen.) Plus, the great part is that just about anything that you already own can be used for this DIY trick, from old sweatshirts to socks and even sneakers.

While it's not the most difficult task, it's still important to know a few things going into it so you don't end up with a splotchy brown T-shirt you'll never wear. This is where YouTube becomes a godsend. There are dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of tutorials to explain tie-dyeing basics, including how to bunch up clothes for the perfect pattern or how to use bleach in lieu of colored dye. We've rounded up the best YouTube videos to give your wardrobe the freshest update possible without having to leave your home, below.


Tie-dyeing sneakers poses its own challenge: The material is tougher and it's easy to get dye onto the soles, creating a mess that is less than cute. Austin Robinson seems to have the method down, though, and shows you exactly what you need to get the perfect finish on a pair of kicks.


Tie-dye socks are a fun way to up your WFH style game, and it's surprisingly easy to accomplish if you know what you're doing. Megan Makes walks you through the process of a couple of different tie-dye patterns so that you'll have cool socks in almost no time.


YouTuber LaurDIY shows you how to tie-dye just about anything you have laying around in your closet — white denim cut-off shorts, a tank top, a tube top, and more — but the pink sweatsuit she creates is so good you'd think she bought it off the rack.

Shirts And Sweatshirts (With Bleach)

If you don't have access to color dyes, bleach is a good alternative. The Danocracy talks you through everything you need to know in order to get the best bleached tie-dye effect on your shirts and sweatshirts.


If you have an old swimsuit that could use a refresh, Nastasza is here to help. She offers two options for dyeing a white suit, one with a bright and vibrant finish and the other with soft pastel colors. Plus, wearing the fruits of your tie-dyed-swimsuit labor once we're done with quarantine and social distancing seems like the ultimate reward.