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The “Where’s My Juul” Makeup Challenge Is TikTok’s Most Chaotic Trend Yet

This is not for the faint of beauty hearts

Following in the great TikTok beauty footsteps of curls made with socks and surprisingly chic clown-inspired makeup comes a TikTok makeup trend that might leave its users a little surprised. Some serious makeup masterminds started creating beauty routine application videos set to the sounds of Full Tac's "Where's My Juul," and as you'll find in watching the clips, these are no ordinary routine videos.

The challenge apparently started back at the beginning of March, when TikTok users @mardibarts uploaded a video in which they applied makeup while singing along to "Where's My Juul." Upon an initial viewing, you're led to believe that the TikTok will feature a normal makeup routine. However, as the video continues and the song reaches its startling conclusion, users suddenly unveil an unexpected change in makeup.

In the video from @mardibarts, the makeup artist begins with green eyeshadow and eyelashes, but later, she flips her head, revealing a slime-inspired look that features white contacts. Other TikTok users have since joined in on the challenge, creating looks that feature the unexpected arrival of an ice queen, glow in the dark makeup, and sweet pink shadow that serves as the unlikely base for a colorful finish.

Based on the number of current participants, it's clear the chaotic challenge is quickly catching on, with some even adding some truly gnarly special effects. Halloween has definitely come a little early to TikTok.

Of course, this isn't the first time that TikTok users have started a unique beauty trend. Last year, colorful ombré unicorn braids, glitter masks, and an eyeshadow challenge were all popular among users, and lately, TikTok users appear to be focused on hair, creating helpful methods for creating natural curls.

Check out some of the trending videos, below.

Note: a number of the videos do contain flash warnings for the use of lights.