Only Timothée Chalamet Could Bring Back The Bowl Cut

How does he do it?!

A first look, obtained by i-D, at Timothée Chalamet's new film The King has been released, and I'm truly shocked at what it shows. Somehow, Chalamet has the power to bring back the bowl cut by making it look this good, and not make it look like someone's worst hair mistake ever.

The King, which will premiere at the upcoming Venice Film Festival at the end of August, is a historical drama that sees Chalamet as a reluctant king. According to IMDb, he's a "wayward prince" who doesn't like the lifestyle he was born into, forced to take the throne after his father dies. Joel Egerton, the film's co-writer and Chalamet's co-star, describes the film as "Game of Thrones meets Shakespeare," which is exactly what I want to see Chalamet in.

The promotional photo shows Chalamet sitting on his throne, surrounded by royal servants and townspeople. And, look at that hair! Even though he does look better with his swoopy longer cut, he still looks amazing with the cut we all feared our mothers would give us as children. He must have some sort of superpower, to be able to make harnesses, period costume, and now the dreaded bowl cut look on-trend.

Aside from his chop, the photo also shows Chalamet wearing an ornate gold necklace with ease, as well as a coat I have my eye on for when the weather starts getting cooler. Check out Chalamet's look over at i-D.