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The "Not A Cell Phone In Sight" Meme Is A Hilarious Reminder We Need

Ah, the better days

Remember the "good old days"? Those days when we weren't weighed down with cell phones? Even the days of old cell phones without internet functionalities could qualify. The thought of being without a smartphone, and not being constantly connected, seems refreshing, especially when the news cycle is so emotionally draining right now.

Pretty much all of Twitter seems to want to go back to those better days... or, any other time period, real or fictional. To that end, tons of users have started the "not a cell phone in sight meme," which (rightfully) mocks our devotion to our devices.


Oh, the better times, when dinosaurs ran free and we weren't worrying about being left on "read."

Wish we could go back...

If this meme taught us anything, it's that our lives would be, umm, much different without our phones.