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The Best Flowers To Gift Your Valentine, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Not a rose in sight

One of the coolest things about the world of esoteric magic is the correlations one study has with another. Many astrology enthusiasts know that our zodiac signs have corresponding Tarot cards and gemstones, but how many of you know that astrology can be used to work with flowers as well? Flower magic is old magic, and while it is evident in herbalist practices (think of all those nervine/relaxing teas), there are glimpses of it in old texts like the Language of Flowers by Kate Greenaway.

It is hard to trace many of these associations back to a singular source, but it is true that flower magic used in ritual and spell work is prevalent in the ancient sacred texts of cultures all over the world. The lotus, for instance, is a notable flower of rebirth, resurrection, and enlightenment, written of in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Buddhist, and Hindu texts. We all know that a rose is a rose by any other name, but rose magic, from petal to hip, was linked to love and romance ages before Shakespeare wrote a thing. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was said to have made roses from a mixture of her tears and her lover's blood.

With all this in mind, it seems obvious that Valentine's day is the perfect day to tune into the wisdom of flowers and offer something magical to your crush or beloved. Roses, of course, are the standard choice, but they're also expected. Unless, that is, you're flush with cash and spending hundreds on everlasting roses arranged to ward off the evil eye. For those of us who would rather make a small and meaningful gesture, the gift of flowers corresponding to a sweetheart's sign (perhaps rising sign for new crushes or moon sign for long-term loves) is just right.

Ahead, the best flowers to gift your valentine based on their zodiac sign.


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Aries are associated with honeysuckle primarily, which clears up built-up heat in the body. But, unless you're planning on making them some honeysuckle liquor or syrup, honeysuckle isn't the best-looking bouquet—nor is it the most accessible in late winter! For your bright and fiery darling, a Tiger Lily is a fitting flower. The orange ones speak to the passionate boldness in an Aries' heart.


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Taurus are paired with poppies, which makes sense given their romantic yet spare profile. Poppies are resilient to difficult weather although they aren't easy to find in a flower shop in later winter either. Consider the violet as a runner-up, gentle as a potted plant in a modern planter. Or, better yet, give your Taurus violets mixed into a rich dark chocolate bar.


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Gemini are represented by lavender, which makes a great deal of sense given Gemini's propensity to over-think and lavender's calming properties. You can bring peace to your Gemini's heart with a bouquet of dried lavender wrapped in jaunty butcher's paper and string! Or make them a lavender mist to spray into the hectic air around them.


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Cancers are associated with acanthus, a long-stemmed flower with delicate white-and-purple petals. Of course, unless you are buying your Cancer an acanthus tincture to soothe their digestive or urinary tracts, a more romantic gift might be a bouquet of white flowers, tulips, or calla lilies for example. But, who knows? Lots of Cancers enjoy medicinal gifts!


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Leos are paired with sunflowers, and, honestly, no one can feign surprise. Of course, your lovable lion with a big mane deserves a fat flower that can stand alone and still make a scene. You can gift your Leo one big sunflower or a whole bunch; either way, they're bound to rub the head of it against their own head appreciatively and perhaps take a couple of selfies. Bonus points if you throw in a bag of salted sunflower seeds.


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Virgos are primarily associated with Morning Glories, but Morning Glories do not a bouquet make. So, unless your plan is to take your Virgo to a coffee shop they love at 7 a.m., sit them down in their favorite outside seat, and point out the Morning Glories you have meticulously planted around that spot which are still open with morning dew, you should consider the lesser associations. Chrysanthemum is a good fluffy choice. Delightful as a thick bouquet or a ceremonial evening tea.


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Libras are represented by blue flowers, and one of the bluest, airiest flowers out there is a blue hydrangea. But, if garden-variety bushes aren't quite right, a blue flower fitting for a less traditional Libra might be skullcap! A medicinal nervine, this flower is used to aid sleep and anxiety. Whether it's added to a wild bouquet or collected in a mason jar for future use, skullcap is good companion to Libra who long to sleep deeply beside her bedmate.


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Scorpios are a suspicious people, and an anemone, a flower that protects against evil, is right up a Scorpio's ally. Although chrysanthemum is the primary association with Scorpio, anemones, which are ruled by Mars, make the correlative list and appeal to Scorpio's love of something delicate and dark at the center. Anemones are a mixture of poison and medicine—a mix Scorpios admire. The myth of the anemone is the same as that of the rose: a flower born of the tears of Aphrodite and the blood of Adonis.


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Sagittarius is paired with the narcissus flower, which I'm sure has very much to do with the story of Narcissus—who was a self-obsessed hunter. Personally, I find the correlation to sage to be much more appropriate. Sage is an herb ruled by Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, and although it is of the earth (like centaurs), it's associated with fire (brush). Any Sagittarius would appreciate the gift of sage, whether in the form of cooking sage picked fresh for a butter reduction, a wild bouquet of flowering sage, or a bundle of dried sage ethically sourced.


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Capricorns correspond with carnations which I think is a kind of joke, given how much Capricorns love luxury and how often carnations are considered the poor man's roses. Yet carnations have the energy of Capricorns, their dependent nature mixed with a secret sexual magic. Perhaps, in order attain full carnation power, you'll need to spread the bright red flowers all over your Capricorn's bed or fill a bathtub full of carnation heads and candles.


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Aquarius are associated with orchids, and no one is surprised. Of course, our water-bearing beloved air signs are represented by a delicate pale flower that must be misted at mysterious intervals. To love an orchid is to attend to its secret whims, its private climate, and strangely precise regimen. To love an Aquarius is not so different. Even the spaciest of the Aquarian space cadets will love attempting to care for their thick-petal, overly sensitive brethren.


Pisces are paired with water lilies, which should come as no surprise. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents surrender into the larger collective and finds a great companion in water lilies or lotus, the flower of rebirth and enlightenment. You could really wow your Pisces and give them a water lily hydroponic tank. Or, you can take them on a little art date to sit in front of Monet's water lilies and talk about how it makes you feel when you think about the fact that all color is only a trick of the light.