Images courtesy of @black_dahlia_nails; @siz.zha via Instagram


Animal Crossing: New Horizon Nail Art Is Popping Up All Over Instagram

There are designs for nail experts and novices alike

Since its release, Animal Crossing: New Horizon has pretty much taken over your every social media feed. The adorable Nintendo Switch game has inspired some epic in-game fashions and hilarious memes, but for its latest crossover, the characters and tropical coloring depicted in the latest installment have come for your beauty routine. Animal Crossing: New Horizon nail art is here, and each DIY look is truly enjoyable.

Take a scroll through the Animal Crossing nail art tag on Instagram, and you'll find that many are taking a cue from the game for their latest manicures. Looks receiving the double tap from followers have included a deep blue manicure painted to look like the game's starry fossils and artwork featuring some of the island's most famous residents, including Tom Nook and Isabelle.

In addition to colorful characters adorning the nails of Instagram users everywhere, others have turned their nails into presents, while some have used prints to adorn their fingers with green leaves. One person even used negative space, donning a manicure that featured a bit of everything from the game.

If the Instagram looks have you feeling inspired, many have shared their go-to polishes and painting methods. With a little patience and the right brushes, you can easily re-create your own manicure featuring Tom Nook โ€” or you can use a stamping plate to create the illusion of leaves.

Press pause on your current game and scroll through some of our favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizon nail art, below.