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Are Jerseys The New Statement Tee? Our Favorite Tastemakers Coast To Coast Show Us How They Rock Them

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Style is all about making a statement that showcases your authenticity and individuality. However, you don't always have to go big to achieve a head-turning look. Making a statement can be as simple as incorporating a single stand-out item into your look, like a bold Nike jersey. Graphic tees have long served a similar purpose, creating a focal point in casual and dressy styles alike, but lately, we've been seeing jerseys take their place — and not just on game day.

Like the classic statement tees we all know and hoard, jerseys offer an unexpected jewel-toned punch. Sure, these pieces might not initially scream fashion, but when paired with the right accent pieces, jerseys can elevate any look as much as your best artfully-shredded vintage band tee. Plus, they help you show off your team spirit at the same time, and that's a win in our books.

To see the trend in action, we tapped five style influencers for a play-by-play of how they use their Nike jerseys to curate bold, unexpected ensembles.


Cristian wears a Philadelphia Eagles Game Jersey available on

When styling jerseys, Cristian focuses on creating a focal point by sticking to more neutral accent pieces. "[You can never go wrong] styling a jersey with an all-black look. It's easy but will make the jersey pop." For this look, Cristian tucks his evergreen Eagles jersey into a pair of washed black skinny jeans, layers on a black cropped puffer jacket, and finishes the outfit with a pair of combat boots.


Kalysse wears a San Francisco 49ers Game Jersey available on Also pictured: Philadelphia Eagles Game Jersey and New York Giants Jersey.Quentin Felder

Kalysse's approach to styling a jersey involves texture and color play, giving her look a very cool street style factor. "For this look, I wanted to style it with colors that contrasted and popped against the red jersey but still keep it chill and neutral [which is] how I dress on the regular." This ruby red outfit incorporates olive quilted joggers paired with a tie-dye mesh turtleneck "for layering effects." Kalysse wraps her look up with a pair of funky and fun patterned Nike ISPA 720 Air Max sneakers. "When creating an outfit for a jersey, have fun with it and try not to be so matchy-matchy with colors and pieces you're pairing it with."


Sasha wears a New York Giants Game Jersey available on

"A lot of my inspiration comes from the '90s, so when I first saw the jersey, my mind immediately went to that scene," Sasha says. To achieve her look, Sasha lets her jersey do the talking, pairing it with another major trend: Bike shorts and white sneakers. This look is comfortable yet stylish, which Sasha says is a representation of her personal style, as she tends to mix modern pieces with '90s throwbacks. When making a statement with your team's jersey, Sasha says to "always be comfortable with what you're wearing. Imagine the jersey [is] an extension of yourself and make it your own."


Elyanna wears a New York Giants Game Jersey available

For this outfit, Elyanna sized up for a baggier jersey and paired it with patchwork leather pants. Layered with chunky necklaces, a reflective puffer, and Aleali May Jordan 1's, this look is bold and colorful. "I'm a tomboy, so jerseys are fun and easy for me to style," she notes, adding that putting together a look like this all comes down to knowing what makes you feel and look your best.


Dianne wears a Los Angeles Rams Game Jersey available on

Dianne shows us that even with a jersey at the center of a look, you can still achieve a bit of drama. "The look is very casual but the exaggeration [of] scale makes me feel like it still has drama," she notes. When it comes to styling a jersey, Dianne says to "mix it to your own taste so it feels you." She also adds that a neutral shoe goes a long way. "Jerseys have lots of colors going on already so all-white shoes are a great pick for pulling it all together without overwhelming the look, even if you have lots of accessories and louder pieces on."