introducing the $100 challenge what would you do with $100?


by nylon

One cold Friday several weeks ago—a particularly hectic day when we were trying to close an issue—our CEO and VP of TV & Video pulled our team away from our desks and into the lobby. We knew they were filming a video, and we'd all tentatively agreed to help out for a few minutes in the afternoon. We didn't know what it would involve: Maybe a musician was stopping by? Perhaps a famous dog for us to pet and take pictures of? 

So you can imagine our collective surprise when we were all handed $100 and told to do whatever we wanted with it—as long as it was used to make someone's day better. 

"We wanted to initiate a company wide community service project and when this idea was presented to us, we were electrified and felt we could do something big with it. Our video 

tells the story of each participating staff member's experience and hopefully will inspire others to do the same, whether with $1 or $100," said CEO Paul Greenberg. "We're extremely proud of this effort and video, and we're thrilled that we're able to give back to the community and use our resources to amplify and spread the message."

Watch the video to see what each member of our team did with $100—from handing out socks to the homeless to giving a really large tip. Going into it, we had all been pretty stressed out about taking time out of our day, but the experience left us with a new perspective. Five years from now, we're not going to remember whether we went to that seemingly important meeting or whether we stayed late to finish up that project. What we'll remember is the way we lit up a stranger's face by doing something simple and easy.

Anyone can #takethe100challenge. Join us in making the world a better place.