New ’100 Years Of Beauty’ Video Masters The Art Of French Beauty

C’est chic!

by Lisa Eppich

For the past few years, you could pretty much bet your favorite beauty or style blog would have a reoccurring series about how to capture that je ne sais quoi of the French It Girl: that effortless, slightly tousled hair, the simple striped shirt and skinny black pant, a perfect red lip.

But, French beauty hasn't always been about simple elegance: It used to be the epicenter of the "more is more" look back in the day when wigs, face powder, and corsets were king. Although The Cut's latest 100 Years of Beauty video doesn't go back quite that far, it does show how relatively (and surprisingly?) pared-down French beauty has been in general in the last century. In fact, more than a few of these styles still feel fresh and relevant. Hell, even the loose bouffant from the '10s would look perfect at brunch, if only we had the time and energy to do all that teasing.

Check out the video below for a little French inspiration, and maybe take a few tips from this old-world glamour to make an entrance at Thanksgiving. It probably won't stop Auntie Muriel from asking why you're still single, but at least you'll look good.

(Via Youtube)