See 100 Years of Men’s Fashion in Three Minutes

…and quiver in fear.

The women have already gotten this treatment. Now, Mode Glam has turned their camera on the guys to chart the last century of style and trends in less time than it will take you to pick out which distressed t-shirt you'll wear with your Air Yeezys.

The video bounces along, showing us highlights (and lowlights) from the century that brought us off-the-rack ready-to-wear, the perfect leather jacket, t-shirts as outerwear, and bell-bottom polyester pants. Oddly and interestingly, it’s the 1950s that come off looking the best here while the 1990s and early aughts seem the least palatable (embroidered jeans, shudder).

Granted, this is a mainstream take on prevailing trends (no ‘60s hippie style, no ‘80s shredded jeans, no ‘90s mock turtlenecks). Nonetheless, it’s a great trip from the time of straw boater hats to the current Age of Chambray.