3-in-1 by american crew

shampoo + body wash + condition =’s 1 bottle

by Christian Lavery

As more and more products hit the shelves, shower routines continue to get more and more complicated. How do you even know what to do in there anymore? I mean, you have your body wash, you have your shampoo, and you have your conditioner (and let’s be honest, anything more than that is really just overkill). So why not just combine all three? American Crew did just that. They created a 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and conditioner that detangles and revitalizes hair while softening and adding minerals to the skin. It basically simplifies the whole process and makes showering nice and easy, so hopefully you won’t have to stop off at the YMCA to learn a thing or two. Take a look at the entire selection of American Crew products HERE.