Photo by Charlotte Rutherford


5 CMJ Acts You Simply Can’t Miss

beginning tomorrow!

by Noah Jackson

With quite literally hundreds of artists performing at this year’s CMJ, it’s hard to know where to start. You might stumble upon the next Vampire Weekend or Sky Ferreira, but there’s an equal chance that you’ll spend your week yawning through Queens’ answer to Sammy Adams or psychobilly’s next big thing. Fortunately, Nylon has a quick and easy guide to the top five acts to catch at this year’s music marathon.

Name: Elohim

Hometown: Los Angeles

Microgenre: Xanaxwave

140 character description: Her hypnagogic beats come straight out of the post-chillwave playbook, but Elohim's acerbic lyrics give her woozy electro-pop some bite.

Essential song: “She Talks Too Much”

Most likely to: Tell you to shut up.

Catch her at: PIANOS on 10/14 (9:30pm) ; Webster Hall on 10/15 (10pm).

Photo by Charlotte Rutherford

Name: Kero Kero Bonito

Hometown: London

Microgenre: PlayStation Kawaii

140 character description: They're loosely associated with PC Music, but there's nothing ironic about this bilingual trio, who make songs about selfies and flamingos.

Essential song: “Picture This”

Most likely to: Appeal to toddlers and twentysomethings.

Catch them at: Palisades on 10/13 (8:00pm)

Photo: Casablanca/Republic Records.

Name: Grace Mitchell

Hometown: Portland, OR

Microgenre: Precociouscore

140 character description: She may only be a high school senior, but her Raceday EP is a leftfield pop manifesto. Think Lorde with French lyrics and a sense of humor.

Essential song: “Jitter”

Most likely to: Make you feel old.

Catch her at: Brooklyn Bowl on 10/13 (9:00pm), 10/15 (9:15pm).

Name: The Harpoons

Hometown: Melbourne

Microgenre: Anti-PBR&B

140 character description: If you ever thought Wet and How To Dress Well were just too sluggish, rejoice! The Harpoons grew up on Janet, not Brandy deep cuts.

Essential song: “Ready for Your Love”

Most likely to: Be mistaken for American Apparel models (RIP).

Catch them at: PIANOS on 10/14 (10:15pm), Left Field on 10/16 (10:15pm), The Delancey on 10/17 (12:00am). 

Name: Rejjie Snow

Hometown: Dublin

Microgenre: Slowcore rap

140 character description: Instead of working on his long, long-awaited debut album, Rejjie Snow's in NY showing Americans how slow rap is really done. Bad Rejjie!

Essential song: “1992”

Most likely to: Delay his album release.

Catch him at: TBD