5 stripe hoodie by aviator nation

A good new favorite that feels like your good old favorite…

by Josh Madden

For some people spending hours, days, weeks looking for that perfect vintage hoodie or T-shirt is a fun hunt. For others, it's a headache, a time consuming process they'd rather skip altogether. It was Paige Mycoskie's love of vintage and obsession with comfort that led her to create Aviator Nation. While working at a surf shop in southern California the vintage collector purchased a sewing machine and started spending her nights teaching herself how to sew--but she didn't stop there. Mycoskie started screen-printing and experimenting with dyes and washes until she had created the perfect mix of vintage looking and feeling pieces, made to fit all sizes. The avid surfer-musician- now designer began to make all sorts of articles to fulfill her own needs and soon people were hitting her up to buy the clothes she was wearing. As her business grew the quality-conscious designer purchased her own factory and hired her own sewers so everything could be made right in California. The products Aviator Nation makes are inspected by Mycoskie and the standard she had for her first pieces are still evident in the line as it continues to grow. Our favorite item is one of the collection's staples, this Five Stripe Hoodie. It definitely has the look and feel of a piece from the '70s, you can feel the quality in the construction and the heavy duty metal zipper. It has the worn feel of 30 years of wear but not the smell! Check out the full line HERE.