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6 iconic it-girl looks

and how to get them for yourself

by jo rosenthal

The concept of the It Girl may be abstract, but since she first emerged in the late '20s (Clara Bow, anyone?), she has always made us want to put our best fashion foot forward.

Nowadays, there are a ton of It Girls who inspire us with their effortless attitudes and super-cool styles. The best part? There's no one way to be the coolest girl in town—every It Girl is different, and that's why we love them. In that spirit, we rounded up six different It Girl looks and made them completely shoppable. Click through the gallery to check them out and join the ranks as your group's resident QT.

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Alexa Chung

Whether it’s shopping around in New York or sitting front row at a fashion week, Alexa Chung makes getting dressed look effortless—and who doesn’t want that “I just woke up and I’m fabulous” look?  We love her striped sweater and denim skirt ensemble here because it’ll keep you warm and give you that vintage feel wherever you go. When it’s seriously cold, just add tights and you’re ready to go. With an outfit like this, you can head off to a rock concert or take a time machine back to 1969.Get Alexa's look here

1. hang ten sweater, $79

2. fred ball lace up boot (black), $258 

3. evan belt bag, $188 

4. punker original smokey shadow, $19

5. claudia neoprene skirt $56 6.snoop card, $5

(all available here)

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Kylie Jenner

For a few years now, the fashion world has been buzzing about 17-year-old teen-queen and style mogul Kylie Jenner. It seems as if everyone has been channeling her accessible style and beauty choices—you really can’t go anywhere nowadays without seeing dip-dye hair and a choker. We seriously heart Kylie and think this look, featuring a wide-brimmed black hat and mini skirt, definitely works for any season (just throw on a pair of tights and a cardigan until May).Get Kylie's look here

1. neoprene full mini skirt $46.48

2. model behaviour nail polish $16 

3.electric sky dyehard styling gel $9.99 wide brim hat $210 

5.southwestern bracelet $47 

6.eyelet lydia tank $125 (all available here)

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Zoë Kravitz

Actress and LOLAWOLF frontwoman Zoë Kravitz has been fashionable since what seems like day one. What we love about Kravitz is how she never shies away from being bold, and amplifies her look with piercings and edgy hair. Shop our shaggy grunge-inspired looks here, and the party definitely won’t start until you walk in.Get Zoe's look here

1.making it big sweater $149.60

2.cute and sleezy nail decals $8 

3.sun tribal faux septum ring $34 

4.sensei heels $107 

5.picnic $8 

6.fringe mini skirt $45 (all available here)

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Chloë Sevigny

We’ve had a major girl crush on Chloë since we first saw her in Harmony Korine's Kids. Since then, she's blown us away with her '90s-inclined fashion sense. And the best part about the Opening Ceremony collaborator's look is that anyone can access her easy-going, chill style. We love her cloud-fairy pastel look here because it’s basically saying light colors can be worn at any time of day. Get Chloe's look here!

1.cloudy moto jacket $199

2.lena dunham birthday suit tee $55 

3.the moment gold linked watch $90

4. elizabeth tote $35 

5." deer gold, i heart you" nail wraps $12 

6.claudia neoprene skirt $56 

7.hammered black rainbow ring trio $30 (all available here)

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Sky Ferreira

The Queen of Grunge never fails to disappoint. Even when she split her leg open on tour last year, she did it in style. (She was rolled away in a wheelchair while she bled through her custom YSL tights and dark sunglasses.) Throughout her style history, she has played homage with her wardrobe to '90s babes like Courtney Love and Winona Ryder. In this look, she's pretty much saying, “I know, this motorcycle was made for me," while managing to pull off a snapback. It makes us wish we were riding on the back of a motorcycle to the moon.Get Sky's look here

1.double layer washed leather jacket $426

2.theadora dress $365

3.glam (strip subtle white grey) $6.99 

4.fred lace up boot black $258 

5.high pony $48

6.good girl/bad girl buttons $3 (all available here)

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Tavi Gevinson

We’ve watched this QT’s style grow since 2008, when she first founded The Style Rookie. This former NYLON cover girl has pulled off everything from an enormous bow and glasses to half bangs and nurse shoes, proving that she can really take on any decade's style of clothing. Since becoming a more serious editor, actress, and scenester, she is rarely seen smiling when posing for photos, but that does not mean that her love for fashion has died—it has just become more mature. She used to be seen wearing approximately 20 different patterns, but in this tailored look she isn’t wearing any. We will always have a special place in our heart for BB Tavi and the flawless way she puts herself together without any stylist's help.Get Tavi's look here

1.anika sheer white top $170

2.neoprene full mini skirt $46.48 

3.jealousa black $60 

4.the bowery backpack $150 

5.ruby bite lipstick $32 (all available here)