illustrations by liz riccardi


book club: 642 fashion things to draw

from annie hall pants to leopard print panties.

by steff yotka

Not going to lie, fashion doodles take up about 30-perfect of my notebooks from high school, college, and, yes, even now. What's better than doodling out your favorite Lanvin runway frock beside your to-do list to make the day's tasks a little less daunting?

The problem amateur illustrators like me might face, however, is a rather limited repertoire of subject matters. My go-tos are full skirted Betsey Johnson party dresses, boys in hipster glasses (a girl can dream, right!?), and perfect white T-shirts--that's about it. Enter 642 Fashion Things to Draw from Chronicle Books, an encyclopedia of stylish ideas ready to be dawn out. 

From a Twiggy dress to Annie Hall pants to a row of hook-and-eye clasps, the masterminds behind the book have left no corner of the fashion world unturned. There's even a page dedicated to drawing Lady Gaga, because why not!?

Pick up a copy here and try you hand at fashion illustration. You can even see some of our best options in the gallery, because every girl should be able to dream she's the next Antonio Lopez, right?

illustrations by liz riccardi
illustrations by steff yotka