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8@8: your morning scoop

hilary duff channeled lizzie mcguire

by jenny lee

Today is...

National Waffle Day!

News of the Day:

+ Hilary Duff uploaded a throwback collage of her weekend outfit, which took some cues from her Lizzie McGuire wardrobe.

+ Taylor Swift will be premiering her "Wildest Dreams" music video at the VMAs. She also uploaded a preview to her Instagram:

+ Keegan Hirst just became Britain's first openly gay rugby player. Emma Watson and Elton John congratulated him on social media.

+ One Direction may be looking at a couple different directions...for the next year at least. The band is reportedly set to take a hiatus for a year, starting in March, so that the members can pursue individual projects.

+ Elon Musk's Hyperloop, a transportation network of tubes and high speed capsules, is set to begin construction in 2016.

Deal of the Day:

Get up to 70% off at Nasty Gal's summer sale.

Quote of the Day:

“I’m bound to mess up at some point. I hope people see I’m willing to educate myself and hopefully not make the same mistake twice. I think as long as you’re doing that, that’s the best you can do.” - Troye Sivan

GIF of the Day: