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8@8: your morning scoop

demi lovato gets by with a little help from her friends

by jenny lee

Today is...

National Just Because Day! Just because!

News of the Day:

+ Even though McDonald's ultimately shot down the idea, the McWhopper could have been a thing, you guys.

+ The new iPhone 6S may be available in the color pink so who cares if it has longer battery life or better camera quality?

+ Robb Stark is back! Except this time he's playing the steamy groundskeeper in BBC's upcoming adaptation of Lady Chatterly's Lover. We're all for it, of course.

+ Celebrity friend groups are definitely a thing. Demi Lovato pulled a Justin Bieber and enlisted some of her friends to each tweet the name of a song from her album tracklist.

+ A teacher in Oklahoma is making learning awesome by transforming her classroom into something of an immersive Harry Potter world. Best teacher ever award goes to her!

Deal of the Day:

Get free shipping on all orders at COS until August 30.

Quote of the Day:

"I don't want to emulate anyone. We can learn from people and adopt certain aspects of them, but they are still an individual—no one is the same." - Skip Marley

GIF of the Day: