8@8: your morning scoop

limited too is coming back!

by leah cunningham

Today is…

Hammock Day (aka time to chill) 

News of the Day:

+ The 13-year-old in all of us is living again. Limited Too has been bought and will hopefully be making a nostalgic comeback within the next few years. 

+ For your viewing pleasure: The many faces of Prince George.

+ Breaking news in climate change: a new study has emerged stating that glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising at a faster pace than previously determined. To make matters even worse, this could mean that coastal cities—including New York City—may not be livable in a few decades. 

+ Model Karlie Kloss is about to take YouTube by storm with the start of her own personal channel. Based on the trailer, it seems like her channel will immerse you in the wonderful life of, well, Karlie Kloss.

+ Miss Piggy has always been a super chic diva and proves it in this Vulture remix of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

Deal of the Day:

Summer styles are up to 70% off at H&M.

Quote of the Day:

"Never say never in fashion, because you'll be wearing 'never' in two years' time."- Alexa Chung 

Gif of the Day: