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    laverne cox comes to 'the mindy project.'

    by rebecca deczynski · February 06, 2015

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    Today is...

    National Chopsticks Day! Now order some takeout and dig in.

    News of the Day:

    + Lactose-intolerants, vegans, and dairy alternative-lovers rejoice: as of February 17, you will be able to get coconut milk in your drink at Starbucks. Does that mean almond milk is on the horizon? DOES IT?!?!??

    + It turns out your delicate, minimalist Instagram feed may not be as unique and special as you think it is. A new blog called The Kinspiracy is here to document the redundant yet aesthetically pleasing photos taking over your Insta feed.

    + New York-based W Hotel are taking full advantage of the dating app phenomenon by offering their Valentine's Day-timed "Swipe Right" package. Don't ask. Just give in.  

    The Mindy Project may have lost Adam Pally as Dr. Peter Prentice, but it's about to get some exciting guest stars: Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox and another yet-to-be-announced celebrity who, according to Mindy Kaling, is the "single biggest, most exciting guest star" the show has had, will make appearences soon. Amal Clooney, anyone?

    If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, you always have the option of snagging your beau a special limited-edition Christian Grey teddy bear. Nothing says "sexy" like handmade plush animals, right?

    Deal of the Day:

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, get a free pair of heart-shaped sunglasses with a $100 purchase from Hello Holiday.

    GIF of the Day:


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