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    Kendall Jenner has another controversy on her hands

    by · October 11, 2016

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    Today is...

    International Day of the Girl! Rock on, ladies.

    News of the Day:

    + Kendall Jenner is caught in another controversy. This time, she’s been accused of cultural appropriation again for wearing a burqa as a disguise from the paparazzi while visiting Dubai with DJ Neptune. Users on social media quickly denounced the model’s use of the garment, which is traditionally worn by Muslim women as a motion of modesty.

    + Chance the Rapper’s advertisement for the Grammy’s is the kind of promotion that only he could pull off. We hope to see more of these in the not-so-distant future.

    + After 10 years of waiting, we are finally getting a sequel to Enchanted. Amy Adams is set to reprise her role as Princess Giselle, and the film will be directed by Adam Shankman. Production is slated for summer 2017.

    + Alexa Chung has a new job title as the art director of our favorite guilty pleasure brand, Ugg. The eternal It-girl took to Instagram to announce the creative collaboration. Now we can finally make the case for cozy and chic in the same outfit.

    + The studio behind Bad Moms will be creating a series of spin-offs, starting with the comedy Bad Dads. STX Entertainment projects to premiere the sequel on July 14, 2017. Ready, set, mark your calendar.

    Deal of the Day:

    Glossier would like to introduce you to “Zip” and “Leo,” the newest shades from their fabulous Generation G sheer matte lipstick line. “Zip” is the brand’s first-ever red while “Leo” is a rich cocoa hue. You can purchase both of the lipsticks for $18 here.

    Advice of the Day:

    “I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” —Madonna

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