editor’s pick: neon candy

if a gummy bear hugged a ring pop.

It's impossible to choose just one thing from the '90s that ruled over everything else, but there's if we had to pick one thing it would probably be neon. From bright yellow scrunchies, to electric purple windbreakers, neon-everything was definitely the It Color of the decade. Even better was see-through neon (I know you remember that)--Pog cases, lite-brite pegs, and inflatable purses were all completely translucent. I really can't forget my mini Spirograph set, though, which I would hold up to my eyes and watch Clarissa Explains It All through--in a haze of hot pink.

With the majorly awesome '90s comeback that's happening, it's hard to not want all my neon stuff back (yes it's definitely hiding somewhere in my parents' attic). Lucky for me though, I don't have to go home to get these adorbs neon bear rings. They've really got me wondering why Gummy Bears were not made in neon shades--in fact, these little cuties are exactly what I imagine would happen if Ring Pops and Gummy Bears got melded together in a candy factory (yum).

So if you're anything like me--I guess that would make us both '90s-obsessed candy lovers--then you should treat yo'self to these awesome rings, which you can shop right here. The best part? They come in a set of three. So go ahead, wear them all on one finger like a crazy-cool kaleidoscope, give one to each of your BFFs, or stream old Clarissa episodes on YouTube and hold them up to your eyes (trust me, it's really rad). 

Oh, and by the way, the bears have stars for eyes--d'awwwww.