The Full Trailer For ‘A Cure For Wellness’ Reveals More Chilling Details

“No one ever leaves”

One takeaway we had from A Cure For Wellness’ teaser trailer? Never trust a spa with an eel treatment. Another we have now that the full trailer is released? Don’t visit a wellness center where patients inform you that “no one ever leaves."

When actor Dane DeHaan is sent to the Swiss Alps to hunt down his company’s CEO, who seems to have lost his mind, he gets tangled up in his own descent toward insanity. It’s got the same dark overcast as Shutter Island, but without Leo. Fitting, given that the director Gore Verbinski is also the man behind The Ring.

The stunning cinematography is almost enough to distract from the wild treatments DeHaan, and the rest of the patients, are forced to endure.  “Accept the diagnosis,” he’s told. “And you will see, it’s wonderful here.” Another takeaway: never believe a diagnosis from a crazed doctor who is actively trying to break you.

The film opens in theaters February 17. Watch the creepy full trailer above.