a day in our diesel denim

jean queens.

Welcome to our new web series where our team spends 24 hours rocking one piece of clothing. In honor of our August Denim Issue, spent an entire day in Diesel’s Eazee JoggJeans, and we were pumped to get coffee, ride bikes, read our tarot cards, and hang at the diner while wearing them—all day and night. See below for proof!

“These jeans were so incredibly comfortable. I felt great riding a bike in them—and eating a waffle Sundae” – Liz Riccardi, Digital Design Director // Diesel’s Eazee JoggJeans – Atlantic Deep

“It’s really hard to find boyfriend-fit cropped jeans that work with all of my favorite tops, but these were super comfortable and felt really right, everywhere I went!” – Yasmeen Gharnit, Digital Editorial Assistant // Diesel’s Eazee JoggJeans – Blue Jeans

“For my body type they ended up being a bit higher-waisted than expected, but they fit like a glove, so perfectly. Oh, and I passed out in them while watching Melrose Place on Netflix—cozy.” – Jackie Yaeger, Special Projects Manager // Diesel’s Eazee JoggJeans – Blue Jeans