lomography brings analog photography into the 21st century.

by rebecca willa davis

Part of our love for Lomography comes from the fact that it allows us to still enjoy the pleasures of non-digital photography. From that nervous feeling as you load film ("Did I just mess up an entire roll?" is what almost always runs through my head) to that momentary thrill of the click as you take a carefully thought-out photo on, say, your Diana F+, it makes you fully part of the picture-taking process.

But it also presents us with a bit of a quandary: In our digital age, where it doesn't count if you didn't document it, how can you partake both in physical photography and the social media world? We're getting the answer from, believe it or not, Lomography itself. They're introducing a new product called the Smartphone Film Scanner, a handheld device that makes it even easier to show off your snaps on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The premise? You turn on the scanner's light, insert your 35mm negative to the frame you'd like to capture, mount your Smartphone, and then take a photo. The custom-build app then allows you to edit and upload, so it's as easy to archive snaps as it is to show them off to your followers. Our favorite part about it is the resulting effect, which is so much cooler than an Instagram filter--you see the sprockets that frame each photo, leaving no doubt as to just how authentic the image is.

Want to get your hands on one? Well, you have to make that happen: The Smartphone Film Scanner is currently a Kickstarter project. Through February 4, Lomography is looking for people to back their idea. $10 gets you some buttons and funny photos; $50 gets you the scanner at a very special price; pledge upwards of $5,000 and you'll get a trip to VIenna and Moscow (and a visit to Lomography HQ). If that doesn't make you snap happy, we don't know what will.

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